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Associate Editor Tim Esterdahl is a married father of three who enjoys all things automotive including wrenching on his collection of old pickups. He also plays an absurd amount of golf. Like really absurd.

Lexus, Toyota Top 2016 J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Survey – Tundra First

Another year and another J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability award for Lexus and Toyota. Overall, Lexus finished first for the fifth consecutive year and Toyota finished fourth. These honors reinforce what Toyota owners already know – you want a vehicle to turn over everyday? Then you want a Toyota.

Once again, the Toyota Tundra finished first in J.D. Power's Vehicle Dependability Study.

Once again, the Toyota Tundra finished first in J.D. Power’s Vehicle Dependability Study.

Review: 2016 Scion iA Offers Great Suspension, Little Else

Throughout the year, I drive a large variety of cars from entry-level models, luxury sedans, trucks, SUVs and crossovers. Undoubtedly throughout this process, I’m going to come across vehicles I just don’t care for. The 2016 Scion iA is one of those vehicles. While the suspension is great, the price is only $16,470 and fuel economy is pretty good, there is little else I found enjoyable about it.

Review: 2016 Scion iA

Note: manufacture photo.

Review: 2016 Lexus ES 350, Kentucky-Built Luxury

Quite often there are little changes between model years of vehicles, yet the 2016 Lexus ES 350 has a host of changes with probably the largest being a new production facility in the U.S. Yep, the Lexus flagship model is now American made.

Review: 2016 Lexus ES 350, Kentucky-Built Luxury

Sometimes I get the lighting just right with a really good looking car.

Road Tripping in 2016 Scion iM

As an automotive journalist, I drive a lot, yet normally these are short, around town “evaluation” trips. However, with the 2016 Scion iM, my wife and I had the need to head to Omaha, NE for some personal reasons and the car was my approved choice for the trip. How did it handle the nearly 1k ride and an unexpected blizzard? Mixed results really and it wouldn’t be my top choice, but the value is hard to beat.

Review: 2016 Scion iM

The day they dropped off the 2016 Scion iM the weather was good. It would not stay this way.

Toyota Unveils 2017 Tacoma TRD PRO – TacomaHQ Post

As many of you already figured out, Toyota has unveiled a new 2017 Tacoma TRD PRO. While, it isn’t a new Tundra upgrade, it is a natural for the Tacoma lineup. The post is live right now on, go check it out or just read this snippet.

Toyota Unveils 2017 Tacoma TRD PRO

The 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD PRO sure looks bad ass.

Basically, the TRD PRO is a base TRD Off-Road Tacoma with the host of features like lift, shocks, tires, blacked-out styling and interior styling upgrades.

Toyota Unveils 2017 Tacoma TRD PRO

With the lift and tires, the Tacoma looks to have a taller stance helping give it a more rugged look.

Click here for a complete list of the features and the press release.