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SoundRacer V8 Simulator – Should Have Bought A V8

Ever close your eyes at the stop light and fantasize about trading in your vehicle for the throaty rumble of that muscle car you always told yourself you’d buy?  Someone out there has finally found a way to fulfill that fantasy – but you’re still going to have to keep your eyes closed.

Say hello to the SoundRacer, which will make a Dodge Neon sound like a Ferrari. Kind of.

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Silicone Hoses For Your Ride? Pros and Cons

Silicone hoses are a great quick way to add color to your engine bay, but their appeal goes beyond aesthetics. Silicone hoses reduce the risk of catastrophic hose and cooling system failure, as they have a higher burst strength than normal rubbing hoses.

If you’re considering making the switch from OEM to silicone radiator hoses, here are the pros and cons of making the switch.

Mishimoto Silicone Hoses Installed

New Fox Racing 2.5” Remote Reservoir Coil-Over Upgrade for BDS 7” Lift Kits

Fox 2.5" Coil-Overs Installed

Fans of high clearance designs can now look forward to improved ride and performance with the Fox Racing 2.5” coil-over for 7” BDS suspension lift kits. Available as an upgrade for current BDS Tundra strut extension lift kits – or as a complete 7” performance suspension – the Fox Racing Coil-Overs are designed for 2007-2012 2WD and 4WD Tundras.

A coil-over system is one of the best ways to lift your Tundra, at least as far as performance and durability are concerned. If you lift your truck and don’t install a new set of shocks and springs that adjust the ride to compensate for the new suspension geometry, you may notice that your Tundra’s handling is “loose” up front.

Volant Throttle Body Spacer Review and Dyno Test

Volant Toyota Tundra Vortice Throttle Body SpacerIn the days before electronic fuel injection systems, throttle body spacers were pretty common. They were a quick, easy way to add power to your carbureted or TBI (throttle body injection) vehicle. Today, with the advent of multi-port electronic fuel injection, the benefits of a throttle body spacer are a bit more dubious.

Our own Rob Eckhart decided to answer the question once and or all – Do throttle body spacers really work? – and tested a Volant Vortice TBS on his own 2nd generation Tundra.

Here are the results of that test and our analysis.

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The Sprint Booster – What Is It, How Does It Work?

Electronic performance-enhancing products for the Toyota Tundra – or indeed, any pickup – are nothing new. In fact, we’ve discussed several of them in the past right here on this blog, including the Unichip ECU tuning system. Occasionally, however, we run across a device that makes such a novel claim that it occupies its own, unique product niche, which is exactly the situation with the Sprint Booster.

Sprint Booster Basics

The Sprint Booster - Does It Work?

What comes in the Sprint Booster box.