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AIRRAID Intake for the Toyota Tundra – A Review

Since 1997, AIRRAID has been building a solid reputation as a designer and manufacturer of air filters and air intakes. Over time, the company’s innovations in the field have helped to make it a go-to choice for many truck owners looking for extra power and fuel efficiency. We tested out the AIRRAID intake system on our 5.7-liter Toyota Tundra to see what we could learn about its ease of installation, the quality of the product in general and how it affected the driving experience offered by our truck.

2014 Toyota Tundra Speaker Installation Guide

Looking to upgrade or replace your Tundra’s factory door speakers? Well, if you’ve got speakers, follow these simple steps to ensure you remove your OEM components and install you’re new upgrades correctly.


6 Spray-In Secrets Installers Don’t Want You To Know

Spray-in bed liners are as popular as ever, but that doesn’t mean that the spray-in industry is fully understood. The fact is, most people who buy spray-in bed liners are blissfully unaware of the following six spray-in bed liner secrets (none of which the spray-in installers of the world want you know know).

Toyota Tundra Tuning Options – Bully Dog Tuner What You Need to Know

When the Bully Dog tuner came out some time ago, the fast truck owners were super excited about finally having the opportunity to tune their rides. After scouring forums and reading through multi-page threads, the consensus seems to be, well, there doesn’t seem to be one. Here is what we seen and read in real world testing.

Toyota Tundra Tuning Options - Bully Dog Tuner What You Need to Know

This Bully Dog tuner can help you go fast, really fast although it comes at a price.

Spray-In Bed Liner Review: Line-X vs. Rhino

If you’ve just bought a new truck, there’s a good chance that someone (a friend, a relative, or a salesperson) has told you to buy a certain brand of spray-in bed liner “because they’re the best”. If you’re like me, you don’t like making this decision without doing a little research first (Not sure you want a spray-in? See a full list of Bed Liner Options). Here’s my analysis of the two biggest names in spray-in truck bed liners, Line-X and Rhino Linings.

Line-X vs Rhino Liner

Spray-in Bed Liner Comparison: Line-X vs. Rhino

Updated September 2013

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