The Sprint Booster – What Is It, How Does It Work?

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Electronic performance-enhancing products for the Toyota Tundra – or indeed, any pickup – are nothing new. In fact, we’ve discussed several of them in the past right here on this blog, including the Unichip ECU tuning system. Occasionally, however, we run across a device that makes such a novel claim that it occupies its own, unique product niche, which is exactly the situation with the Sprint Booster.

Sprint Booster Basics

The Sprint Booster - Does It Work?

What comes in the Sprint Booster box.

What is the Sprint Booster? In a nutshell, it’s a small plug-in product sold by a company called Boulekos Dynamic that connects to the accelerator pedal module found in a wide range of cars and trucks. The company claims that the device can make almost any vehicle ‘feel’ faster by improving electronic throttle response, a feat it achieves by altering the signal that is sent from the accelerator pedal sensor to the throttle body in order to force it to open more rapidly. The Sprint Booster reduces the distance that the pedal must travel between idle and full throttle, effectively increasing the sensitivity of the throttle without any actual modifications being made mechanically or to the ECU’s software.

What The Sprint Booster Doesn’t Do

The Sprint Booster website is emphatic about explaining that the product doesn’t add any horsepower or torque to your vehicle – it simply changes the throttle curve to make the car or truck feel more lively, especially off the line and in the low to mid-rpm ranges. A 25% gain in throttle sensitivity is claimed for certain models, and the device itself offers three different settings: factory, Sport, and Race, which each dial-in a specific amount of enhanced throttle response.

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Sprint Booster is also not recommended for pure performance fanatics who frequently find themselves on the track or at the drag strip with their vehicles. In these driving situations the throttle is typically pinned to the floor most of the time, which eliminates the need for better response at the more modest engine speeds where the device is designed to shine.

Does Sprint Booster Work?

The Sprint Booster website is loaded with testimonials – both video and in the form of visitor comments – that praise the product as well as discuss some of its drawbacks. Specifically, some users have reported that after a few weeks or months of use, Sprint Booster simply stops working and forces their car into ‘limp mode’ until they remove it. Warranty replacements are provided by Mini Mania, but several customers have experienced multiple Sprint Booster failures – a scary consideration should your vehicle’s throttle suddenly give up the ghost at the worst possible time out on the highway.

Most of the company’s customer base appears to be based in Europe and own smaller cars that are seeing a noticeable benefit from increased throttle response. The ‘seat of the pants’ dyno is often the most important one for drivers – especially while commuting – but the $329.99 price isn’t exactly cheap. If you are comfortable with tweaking your truck’s throttle response, but not achieving any actual power upgrades, then maybe Sprint Booster is for you. If you are looking for real-world performance gains, then a more in-depth ECU tuning product is a safer bet.

Would you buy one? Or is it just a waste of money?

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  1. LJC says:

    The price for this device is in the ballpark for a CAI, which will improve throttle response and improve mpg a bit. Also, this device is messing with the throttle operations?! After the stuff with Toyota and the current investigation into the Taurus, I’m surprised to see a company messing the throttle.

  2. mendonsy says:

    I agree with Tim.
    AND ….. the Tundra comes equipped with a notoriously touchy throttle anyway.

  3. Brian J says:

    Forgive me, but the whole idea seems stupid. Quicker throttle response? Personaly, I like long pedal travel and a smooth application of power. If I need more, my foot goes down farther and faster. With 401 lb-ft of torque this seems like a waste of $$$ for an engine that rarely gets above 3000 rpm in daily driving. I would rather spend the money on a cold air intake and get better MPG and power.

  4. JIM says:

    I bought one for my 07 CM a few years ago. Its definitely a Novalty to have. It just adds “more fun” to daily driving.. nothing more than that..

  5. Norman says:

    I installed one in my Toyota and it feels so much diff now !! I have a cai,exhaust and this thing woke it up eben more then those two combined. People that don’t own it seem to have the most negative feedback and thats just plain WORTH EVERY PENNY !!

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