SoundRacer V8 Simulator – Should Have Bought A V8

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Ever close your eyes at the stop light and fantasize about trading in your vehicle for the throaty rumble of that muscle car you always told yourself you’d buy?  Someone out there has finally found a way to fulfill that fantasy – but you’re still going to have to keep your eyes closed.

Say hello to the SoundRacer, which will make a Dodge Neon sound like a Ferrari. Kind of.

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The SoundRacer is a compact FM transmitter that is designed to fill your cabin with the rich purrs of the super car of your choice.  It works by plugging into your 12V/cigarette lighter socket, then finding an empty frequency on the radio.   Set the SoundRacer to the same frequency, revv to 3000 RPMs and wait for the beeps.  The SpeedRacer will do its best to accelerate, shift, and cruise with you.

You can choose from several SoundRacer models:

SoundRacer FM Transmitter makes your car sound like super car-- from the inside.

  • V8 — plays the angry rumble from a Shelby Mustang through your speakers
  • V10 — magically transforms the cabin of your Volvo into a Lamborghini Gallardo
  • V12 — a must have for the racing gearhead who adores the Ferrari 512, but could never quite get the financing figured out
  • V10J — for the Toyota driver who wishes it was a Lexus LFA

While the SoundRacer does work its acoustic wonders through your speakers, you can still listen to music.  Just use the included line-in cable and connect the SoundRacer to the headphone connector on your SmartPhone or MP3 player.

The SoundRacer FM Transmitter is small enough to go unnoticed for a good while, but unless you’re putting headphones on your passengers until they get into the car and blindfolding them once they’re there, it’s really meant for a good laugh – a decent gag gift considering the $20 asking price.

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  1. Mickey says:

    What ever trips the trigger for the one who wants one.

  2. Mike T says:

    SoundRacer V8 Car FM Transmitter with sports car sound.

    No installation, no tuning, just plug the Soundracer into your cigarette lighter socket, select a frequency for the car stereo receiver and turn up the volume.

    Fool your friends when you start up your car and it revs like a throbbing V8 engine.

  3. will says:

    In government crash tests, the Tundra received an overall score of four stars out of five. However, performance varied slightly for the CrewMax, which received three stars in both frontal impact and rollover testing, compared with the other Tundra body styles, which received four stars in those categories.

    • will says:

      At first glance the new Silverado and Sierra look like, well, GM pickups much of the styling looks familiar. Look closer though, and you’ll see a more sculpted look with doors now inlaid into the body sides instead of wrapping up into the roof, larger doors and a sealed gap between the cab and bed.

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