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Top 7 After-Market Toyota Tundra Accessories

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So you have the new Toyota Tundra, now what? For quite a few of you, owning this fine machine is enough. After all, why add something to a truck that’s already near perfect?

But the REAL question is why not?

Toyota Tundra Leveling Kit and Front End Lift Information

One of the nicest and least expensive upgrades you can make to your Toyota Tundra is to add a leveling kit (also known as a front-end lift kit). Leveling kits are usually steel or aluminum spacers that are added to the top of the front suspension’s coil assembly. These spacers raise the front end of the truck to make it level with the rear without dramatically changing the vehicle’s suspension, ride, or handling. When installed correctly, a leveling kit will improve the look of your truck without altering the operation and “feel” of your truck.

The before and after pictures of a 3" leveling kit on a Toyota Tundra

Leveling kits compensate for the fact that the rear-end of most trucks is about 2″ higher than than front end. This is intentional – the rear end is higher because it’s designed to compensate for natural suspension sag when the vehicle is fully loaded. Since most of us drive our trucks when they aren’t loaded up to max payload, we don’t usually enjoy the benefit to having the rear-end raised up higher than the front.

While adding spacers to the front suspension levels out the truck while empty, one of the main benefits is the additional tire clearance we gain.

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