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Black Venom Bull Bars from Spyder Industries – An Overview

Spyder Industries has created a new “Black Venom” Bull Bar to protect your ride, create a unique diamond-shape adjustable bar look and certainly grab some attention when showing off your ride.

Black Venom Bull Bars from Spyder Industries - An Overview

The adjustable Black Venom Bull Bar has almost a factory like look to it.

Power Stop Truck & Tow Brake Kit – An Overview

What It Is and What It Does: The Power Stop Truck and Tow brake kit is designed to add braking power to your truck when you are towing and/or everyday driving. If you find you are constantly driving up hilly terrain or pulling big loads, factory brakes can wear out very quickly. Power Stop Truck and Tow brake bolt-on performance kits replace them and give you extra stopping power.

Power Stop Truck & Tow Brake Kit

Need stopping power? Check out the Power Stop Truck & Tow Brake Kit.

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After-market Italian Leather For Your Toyota?! Pecca Leather

When putting together a custom truck, there’s no rule that says you have to keep the vehicle’s seats looking stock.  Even so, many pickup owners are wary of changing out their factory thrones for something aftermarket, for fear of losing comfort, fitment and features such as heating and power adjustment.

Pecca Italian Leather Kits

Pecca leather - luxury-quality interior leather kits, all of which come from a top-end Italian tannery used by Mercedes, Audi, etc.

Fortunately, there’s a way to keep the basics of your interior intact – including the seats – while still adding a uniquely personal touch.  Companies such as Pecca Leather provide not just seat covers but also full interiors made out of some of the finest materials available on the aftermarket.

Ten Clever Ways To Customize Your Truck

Let’s get one thing straight – there’s no practical reason to customize a perfectly good pickup. The way the factory made it is good enough for almost every use. If you don’t see a reason to install flat-screen TVs and neon lights, then you won’t enjoy this article.

OK – now that that all the fuddy-duddys are gone, here are 10 clever customization tricks we’ve seen:

The Escort 8500 x50 Radar Detector – An Overview

What It Is and What It Does: The Escort 8500 x50 is the latest installment in a series of radar detectors. The Escort detectors have been improved based on customer feed back and changing police technology. It is used to avoid being scanned by police radar. This particular model comes in black or silver with red or blue LED display. It has a 1-year warranty, depending on where it is purchased.

The Escort 8500 x50 Radar Detector

The Escort 8500 x50 Radar Detector is the latest installment of Escort radar detectors and promises to be a great addition in your truck.