After-market Italian Leather For Your Toyota?! Pecca Leather

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When putting together a custom truck, there’s no rule that says you have to keep the vehicle’s seats looking stock.  Even so, many pickup owners are wary of changing out their factory thrones for something aftermarket, for fear of losing comfort, fitment and features such as heating and power adjustment.

Pecca Italian Leather Kits

Pecca leather - luxury-quality interior leather kits, all of which come from a top-end Italian tannery used by Mercedes, Audi, etc.

Fortunately, there’s a way to keep the basics of your interior intact – including the seats – while still adding a uniquely personal touch.  Companies such as Pecca Leather provide not just seat covers but also full interiors made out of some of the finest materials available on the aftermarket.

Pecca Leather has been in the upholstery and automotive interior business for over a decade, and has offered its services in the United States since 2004.  I had the chance to speak with Scott Woolin at Pecca, and he gave me a rundown on the company’s services and what it has to offer custom truck builders.

What helps to separate Pecca Leather from other interior companies is the fact that not only does the company sell its products to the aftermarket, but it also serves as an OEM provider for a wide range of different automakers, including Toyota.  In fact, according to Woolin, Toyota is the #1 selling leather interior in their inventory.

Pecca Leather sources all of its leather from Conceria Pasubio, one of the finest automotive tanneries in Italy, and an organization which is the go-to shop for high-end luxury brands in Europe.  Pecca is also unique in that it doesn’t separate its aftermarket offerings from its OEM interiors – everything that leaves the Pecca Leather factory makes use of the same quality vinyl, leather and thread.  This is not always the case when working with other manufacturers, which might offer several different levels of materials quality at a variety of price points.

Pecca is also willing to work with clients to build completely custom interiors based on any specifications provided, including the addition of logos, custom threading and practically any modification that can be made to a vehicle’s upholstery and trim.  Scott says that this is a service that they provide their customers on a daily basis.  With a national network of authorized installers, it’s possible to work with a team of technicians to have interior designs installed in a simple, direct manner without having to involve a third-party shop.

When customizing your truck, it’s good to have options.  Better yet, it’s great to have choices that can offer the same level of quality that you imagined when putting together your modification plan.  Pecca Leather is definitely a resource that Tundra owners should explore when looking to improve the look and feel of their truck’s interior.

Pecca Leather’s online presence can be found at

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  1. Mickey says:

    Very intresting. That is coming up to change out the upholstery. Driver’s seat is worn out by the door side od the seat. Plus want to add electric heated seats for the rear seats.

  2. Will says:

    I prefer Mexican leather made from goats and cayotes for my tundra.
    what you prefer to use for your vehicle?

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