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Tundra Tire Questions – Low Pro’s, 33’s, or 35’s?

What’s the first upgrade you think of for any aggressive-looking new truck like the Tundra? Wheels and tires, of course! Whether your taste runs to urban chic with a low profile hint of tire peaking over massive wheels or the super-lugged, gnarly off-road tires in search of mud, you want to stamp that truck with your own style, right?

35 35

Check out these photos of a featured Tundra (A Prize-winning Tundra) with a 6″ Pro-comp lift and 35″ tires.

Toyota Tundra Parking Sonar Explained

Parking sonar diagram.Vehicles of almost every sort have been getting bigger and bigger over the past decade. In fact, even the entry-level cars offered by companies like BMW are nearly the same size and weight as their mid-size cars of ten years ago. Nowhere is this gigantism more visible than in the pickup truck segment, where even previously

Product Review: Nasta Step Bars

Mark, one of our readers, provided us with a review of Nasta’s stainless steel step bars for the Toyota Tundra. Thanks for your efforts Mark – other Tundra owners will be grateful!

Nasta stainless steel step bars for the Toyota Tundra

The complete Nasta step bar kit. Download the installation instructions (pdf).

The step bars themselves are made from stainless steel, so they look good, they’re strong, yet still lightweight. Nasta adds a protective wrap to the steps so you can make certain you don’t scratch them during install – a nice touch. Installation is simple enough because the truck is pre-drilled for step bars at the factory. Start by opening up the box and making sure you have all the parts, then get under your truck and remove all the factory bolts from the stock mounting holes.

Product Review: Extang Solid Fold Tonneau Cover

Extang is one of the most well-known brands in tonneau covers. In fact, it’s one of the most popular Tundra accessories according to Mark, one of our readers, installed and reviewed an Extang solid fold tonneau for the Tundra.

Extang solid fold tonneau cover

The Extang Solid Fold is a very simple tonneau cover install that can be done by one person.

The kit itself is brutally simple – in fact, the installation instructions are only two pages(pdf). Because there’s no lock, no struts, no complicated brackets, you can put on the tonneau without any tools. Extang claims the tonneau cover can be installed in as little as five minutes, and it probably can be if you’re in a hurry. But 10-20 minutes is more reasonable if you’re interested in being careful to make sure it’s squared-up properly by measuring all corners a few times.

Product Review: aFe’s Tundra 5.7L V8 Air Intake

Advanced Flow Engineering, or aFe, has been making performance air intakes for a variety of popular vehicles since 1999. During that time, aFe products have gained a reputation for offering noticeable performance gains for an affordable price. Basically, after market air intakes add power by eliminating the factory air intake “silencer”, a baffle chamber that removes resonance in the intake that serves to reduce engine noise, and they increase airflow by replacing the cheap factory air filter with a high-flow unit (read more about why air intakes work). We contacted aFe and requested an air intake to review for the 5.7 Tundra, and they sent one along right away. Here’s our review:

aFe's Toyota Tundra 5.7L air intake fully assembled.

A great photo of the air intake fully assembled.