Toyota Tundra Parking Sonar Explained

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Parking sonar diagram.Vehicles of almost every sort have been getting bigger and bigger over the past decade. In fact, even the entry-level cars offered by companies like BMW are nearly the same size and weight as their mid-size cars of ten years ago. Nowhere is this gigantism more visible than in the pickup truck segment, where even previously

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  1. azam says:

    Parking Sonar is a good facility but I wanted to detect 3 inch diameter small (3
    foot )poles that cause most reverse hits.Will this sensor detect these?

  2. Azam – Sometimes, but not always. Short of a back-up camera, there’s no good solution to your problem.

  3. Mickey says:

    Azam use a reverse camera. I installed one on mine. It’sgreat to hook up the boat with no assistance and it’s on the ball the first time evry time. Now if Toyota would come along with Curb side View mirrors like their counterpart GM that would make the truck totally awesome.

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