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AMP Research Power Step Running Boards Review

When someone with AMP Research contacted us a few months ago and offered up a free set of their power step running boards, we passed. We didn’t have a donor vehicle lined up, and we felt like this particular part might be a little extravagant for the average Tundra owner. Unfortunately, we missed out on a good opportunity. When we realized that these power step bars have a very utilitarian purpose – helping passengers step-in to a lifted truck while also maintaining ground clearance – we had to pay AMP for a set of their power step boards for review. We didn’t pay full price – AMP helped us out – but next time we get offered a free part for review, we’ll say “yes” without hesitation.

AMP Research has an interesting story. The company was founded by Horst Leitner, an accomplished motorcycle racer and the inventor of the Horst link suspension. The Horst link suspension revolutionized mountain biking, and gave Leitner the funds and credibility to start AMP Research. Today, AMP Research provides a variety of components to many auto manufacturers.

AMP power step running boards. All the parts.

On the left, the kit in the box. On the right, all the major pieces laid out.

Putco Side Bed Rails

The Toyota Tundra is an extremely practical vehicle, especially when it comes to hauling cargo. However, some people often carry bulky gear that doesn

Another Way To Mount Your Spare Tire – The TireGate

One of the primary differences between modern pickup trucks and true off-road rigs is the location of the spare tire. Most pickups, the Tundra included, stow the spare underneath the cargo bed at the back, tucked up to the bottom of the truck box. While this might seem to be a logical location to keep the tire, as it maximizes the amount of cargo space available, there are some situations where it is far from practical.

Tundra with the Tiregate.

Here’s a new Tundra with the Tiregate installed.

Tundra Carriage Works Billet Grille Review

As part of our “Tundra USA” project Tundra build, we contacted Carriage Works about reviewing a set of their billet grilles. Quick to respond, Carriage Works sent us a complete set of grilles (top, main, and bumper) for the 2007-and-up Tundra. After we installed them, in a word, “suhweet.”

Carriage works billet grilles installed on a Toyota Tundra.

The installed product looks awesome – very sharp.

Tundra Tire Guide – Replacing Your Truck’s Tires

Many unanswered questions will plague us throughout life. Why did Mom like my brother best? Why is there air? Why did Toyota put a ‘P’ (passenger) tire on the Tundra? Unlike the first two, there has to be answer to the third even if it takes a lifetime to ferret it out.

OE Dueler HT 684 II Pirelli Scorpion STR A highway tire

The Dueler HT 684 II (left) is the OE tire on many new Tundras, and the Pirelli Scorpion STR A (right) is a low cost replacement option.

Despite the fact a Tundra will never be mistaken for a passenger car, there’s no rule that light trucks require LT tires. As long as their Ps are load rated for the Tundra, they are totally legit and they provide a smoother ride. But the thought is a little like putting ballet slippers on a linebacker. So, let’s fix it.

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