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Hypertech’s Speedometer Calibration Module

The Tundra’s ECU, or engine control module, administrates most aspects of your truck. Transmission shift points, air/fuel mixture, engine timing, and other performance settings are controlled by the ECU, as well as more mundane settings like overall tire size. In the world of after market parts, selling programmers that can change these ECU settings has become a big business. Factory engine calibrations usually emphasize things like emissions and fuel economy – change these factory settings (even slighty) and you can often add significant power.

Unfortunately for us, Toyota isn’t a fan of after market engine programmers. Toyota designed their ECU in a way that makes changing factory computer calibrations nearly impossible, even when it comes to changing the most basic of settings. Fortunately, when it comes to oversized wheel/tire packages or gear changes, Hypertech has come up with an in-line Speedometer Calibrator Module that allows you to compensate for your wheels and tires without having to re-program the ECU.

Hypertech Speedometer Hypertech inline calibrator

NOTE: To date, Hypertech is one of the only aftermarket tuner/programmer companies with Toyota Tundra applications. And, although the speedometer calibrator does just one of the many jobs we expect from this upgrade, the engineers at Hypertech are working on creating a programmer for the Tundra.

The Tundra’s Acoustically Controlled Induction System

Like the rose, a variable length intake manifold by any other name would still increase horsepower and torque. Toyota’s name for this technological rose, and the system used in all three Tundra engine options, is Acoustically Controlled Induction System. In the simplest terms, the ACIS supplies a blast of air, like a tiny supercharger, into the combustion chamber under specific driving conditions. How sweet.

Tundra 5.7 engine cutaway photo

Here’s a cutaway of the 5.7 V8. Note the tag for ACIS in the upper right hand corner.

The Ironman Ivan Stewart – A Toyota Truck Racing Legend

For off-road race fanatics, Ironman holds a meaning far beyond Stan Lee (creator of the Ironman comic) and Robert Downey, Jr (who portrayed the comic book hero). You could say the nickname was given to Ivan Stewart, whose career is the stuff of legend; but, more accurately, Stewart laid claim to it fair and square.

Ironman Ivan Stewart

The Ironman himself.

Stewart caught the sport

The History Of TRD

Following his victory over the Pharnaces in 47 BC, the legend is that Julius Caesar addressed the Roman Senate and announced

Tundra Tire Guide – Replacing Your Truck’s Tires

Many unanswered questions will plague us throughout life. Why did Mom like my brother best? Why is there air? Why did Toyota put a ‘P’ (passenger) tire on the Tundra? Unlike the first two, there has to be answer to the third even if it takes a lifetime to ferret it out.

OE Dueler HT 684 II Pirelli Scorpion STR A highway tire

The Dueler HT 684 II (left) is the OE tire on many new Tundras, and the Pirelli Scorpion STR A (right) is a low cost replacement option.

Despite the fact a Tundra will never be mistaken for a passenger car, there’s no rule that light trucks require LT tires. As long as their Ps are load rated for the Tundra, they are totally legit and they provide a smoother ride. But the thought is a little like putting ballet slippers on a linebacker. So, let’s fix it.

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