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GM Reneges on Towing Numbers

GM recently announced via a press release that is was taking back the 2013 towing numbers it released. The reason? Ford and Chrysler aren’t changing their numbers until later models. Makes sense to consumers right?

GM Reneges on Towing Numbers

GM has officially reneged on its 2013 towing numbers even though they have already been released.

Toyota Announces First 25 Winners of 2012 Cars for Good Program

Toyota recently announced the first 25 winners of its 2012 100 Cars for Good program. This philanthropic program aims to give away 100 cars to deserving non-profits in 2012.

Toyota Announces First 25 Cars for Good 2012 Program Winners

The first 25 winners of Toyota's 100 Cars for Good were recently announced.

Toyota Reports 2013 Scion FR-S Quality Problems To Dealers

Toyota has informed their dealers that the new Scion FR-S sports coupe has a couple of quality issues:

  1. Some new FR-S coupes have exhibited moisture build-up in the rear tail light housings, indicating the units aren’t being sealed properly by the supplier and/or being damaged during assembly.
  2. Some new FR-S coupes have body panels that are not fitting flush at the gaps – Toyota reports that some panels are sitting as a quarter of inch over or under flush.

Toyota has issued these quality issue announcements as innocuous sounding “tech tips,” intended to help dealers get ahead of these issues before consumers have a chance to sound the alarm bells.

Scion FR-S body panel problem

Scion FR-S body panel quality problems notification from Toyota

GM Drops Tow Ratings Down 4,800lbs – How Does Toyota Tundra Compare?

For years, GM truck buyers have used tow ratings that are now being revised down as much as 4,800 lbs on some models. This is due to a new SAE standard that Toyota has used for years. Now that we are finally able to compare apples to apples, how does the Toyota Tundra compare to the Sierra/Silverado?

GM Tow Ratings Revised - How Does Toyota Tundra Compare?

GM tow ratings revised, how does the Toyota Tundra stack up?

American’s Most Dangerous Pickup – Dodge Ram 1500

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Consumer Reports, NHTSA crash safety ratings and JD Power’s Initial Quality Study all agree – the Dodge Ram 1500 is the most dangerous pickup in America.

American's Most Dangerous Pickup - Dodge Ram 1500

A 24/7 Wall St. story concluded that the Dodge Ram 1500 is America's Most Dangerous Pickup.