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Auto News From Around The Web Feb 15 2008

If you’re concerned about the increasing power that technology has in modern vehicles, take a look at’s story that Canada is testing a GPS enabled automatic brake system that will automatically keep you from speeding. While it sounds like a good idea in theory, obviously there are some concerns…

If you haven’t had a chance, you might want to read our article about Toyota’s new eye-monitoring technology that watches your eyes as you drive. We don’t think it will be in the U.S. anytime soon, but the technology is ready and will debut in Japan next year.

Toyota A-Bat
In a move that will probably come as a surprise to no one, Toyota is considering producing their A-BAT concept truck. Think of it as a car-based and very light duty truck that will cost less than $20k…it will probably be badged a Scion, and it will be offered as a true entry-level Toyota truck…unlike the Tacoma, which can cost as much as $30k.

More news is surfacing that the light duty diesel engine is growing in popularity – Honda has announced they’re bringing out a 3.5L V6 diesel for they’re Ridgeline “truck”. Based on our math, expect the Ridgeline Diesel to arrive in 2010 or 2011, just in time to compete with the new Tundra Diesel.

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