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Toyota Tundra Helping Michigan Food Bank

In these troubling times, many needy families are having a hard time simply feeding their children. Once again, the Toyota family is taking the opportunity to show its commitment to those in need.

Toyota Tundra Helping Michigan Food Bank

As part of Toyota's "100 Cars For Good" program, a Tundra was given to a Michigan food bank.

Toyota Releases Prius PLUS Performance Package, Rest of the World Asks “Why?”

NOTE: The Prius PLUS package has been out a while now, but this post was forgotten about until just recently. Hopefully you enjoy it even though it’s not as timely as it should be.

The Toyota Prius hybrid has never been synonymous with the word “performance,” unless you are talking about how well the compact hatchback does at the fuel pump. In a seeming effort to get some of that sports car adrenaline flowing amongst those shopping for the Prius, Toyota has announced the availability of the Prius PLUS Performance Package, which can be ordered on any version of the 2011 model.

The Toyota Prius with the PLUS Performance package.

Toyota’s Profit Plunges with Supply Shortages

Toyota recently announced a 32% plummet in third-quarter profit margin thanks largely to the March earthquake and September flooding in Thailand which has caused a significant parts shortage and corresponding production issues.

Toyota's Profit Plunges with Supply Shortages

It has been slow going in Thailand thanks to historic flooding that has affected Toyota's production.

Toyota Increases Export of American Made Cars

Between the relatively low value of the dollar and the steadily increasing demand for vehicles world-wide, Toyota has announced that they will continue to increase the number of U.S. made vehicles exported around the world. This increase in exports is great news for U.S. workers, and it challenges the notion that so-called ‘foreign’ automakers are bad for the U.S. economy.

Toyota Exports American Made Cars

The Toyota Sienna will join other vehicles like the Tundra in being exported to other countries.

Specifically, Toyota announced that the U.S. built Sienna van will now be exported to South Korea. While the initial expectation is that there will only be a small number of Siennas sent overseas, this is good news for the folks that produce the Sienna at the Toyota Motor Manufacturing plant in Princeton, IN (TMMI) and the American economy in general.

SEMA 2011 – Lexus Debuts New Models

Lexus is taking advantage of the spotlight that the 2011 SEMA show casts to debut a collection of several new 2013 models and exciting custom build cars.

Here are the vehicles and highlights provided by Toyota:

SEMA 2011 - 2013 Lexus GS350

The 2013 Lexus GS350 FSPORT package as seen at the 2011 SEMA show.

GS 350 with F SPORT Package by Lexus