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Truck Paint Color Not to Choose

Sometimes it seems we like to really know too much about our cars. In fact, we spend millions of dollars on research to answer our questions. Vital questions like what paint color attracts the most bird poop?

Truck Paint Color Not to Choose

Hmm... Might want to get that cleaned up before you drive it.

More Plastic Delivered to a U.P.S. Truck

While plastic automotive applications has a love/hate relationship among many automotive enthusiasts is more plastic the future? Seems that U.P.S. thinks so.

More Plastic Delivered to a U.P.S. Truck

Is the future a truck made completely of plastic?

How Much Does Car Repair Cost in Your Area?

A recent study has found that car repair varies throughout the country and that overall repair costs are dropping. How does your area measure up?

How Much Does Car Repair Cost in Your Area?

How much does the average check-engine light repair cost for your area?

Top Gear Goes Loop to Loop For A Record 720

In a sceneĀ reminiscentĀ of video games, the guys at Top Gear decided to try a double loop to loop for a “record” 720 in a car. Add in a stadium full of people and it makes for some dramatic footage, check it out.

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NASCAR Driver Clint Bowyer Auctions Custom 2011 Toyota Tundra

The 3rd Annual Barrett-Jackson Orange County Auction on Saturday, June 23, will have NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer’s custom 2011 Toyota Tundra on its auction block. Bowyer plans to use 100 percent of the proceeds for charity work in his Kansas hometown.

NASCAR Driver Clint Bowyer Custom 2011 Toyota Tundra

Imagine driving this truck around in the 1950s? You can own it thanks to Clint Bowyer.