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Another Unintended Acceleration Case – Shocker Not a Toyota

A defense attorney in Palm Beach, Fla., is claiming that his client’s vehicle developed a computer malfunction that caused the car to lurch forward and slam into another vehicle. Another case of unintended acceleration for Toyota? Nope, try a “far-fetched” defense of a Bentley.

Another Unintended Acceleration Case

In another twist of the unintended acceleration issue, a defense attorney is claiming that his client's 2007 Bentley rammed another car due to a computer malfunction. Sound familiar Toyota owners?

Tundra Owners Obtain Lemon Law Judgement Against Toyota

On March 14, 2012, a Los Angeles County Superior Court ruled in favor of the owners of a 2007 Toyota Tundra under the California Lemon Law resulting in the Toyota Motor Sales Company to refund all payments the owners made on the truck.

Tundra Owners ObtainJudgement Against Toyota

A recent lawsuit ended with a California Toyota Tundra Owner receiving a Lemon Law judgement against Toyota. Was Toyota really at fault?

NHTSA Begins Distracted Driving Hearings – Will Automakers Listen?

The new your vehicle’s dashboard is an entertainment smorgasbord and texting while driving trend is coming under scrutiny from the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration that is beginning three days of hearings. The NHTSA is working on finalizing “voluntary” guidelines, will automakers pay attention?

NHTSA Begins Distracted Driving Hearings

NHTSA will begin a series of distracted driving hearings aimed at establishing guidelines. The big question though is will auto manufactures listen?

New 2013 Ram to Offer V-6, 8-Speed Transmission

In a sign of the times, Chrysler filed voluntary report that indicates the new 2013 Dodge Ram will offer a Pentastar V-6 and eight-speed transmission to be more fuel-efficient.

New 2013 Ram to Offer V-6, 8-Speed Transmission

Chrysler recently filed a report stating that the new 2013 Ram will offer a V-6 engine with a eight-speed transmission.

Toyota Avalon To Replace Lincoln Towncar?

When Ford stopped building the Lincoln Towncar in August, 2011, a vacumn formed in the livery industry. For decades, limo services and up-scale car services had purchased Lincoln Towncars by the truckload, using them almost exclusively to ferry passengers from point to point. Towncars were the car of choice – so ubiquitous that people didn’t just order a “car” to take them to the airport, they ordered a “Towncar.”


Livery edition Avalon

The new livery edition Toyota Avalon - will it replace the Towncar?

Good or bad (I personally like big RWD sedans), the Towncar is no more. Toyota, seizing an opportunity, is trying to fill that void with a special version of the Avalon.