Toyota Tundra April 2014 Sales Report – Up Again

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Another month passed and once again Toyota Tundra sales are strong. While the spring thaw has helped almost every truck maker to post better sales, Toyota’s continued surge means the critics were wrong – customers like this new truck.

Toyota Tundra April 2014 Sales Report - Up Again

The Toyota Tundra continues its sales streak of double digit increases.

For the first several months of 2014, automakers claimed the cold weather was to blame for poor sales results. While clearly, the beginning of the year was filled with bad weather, not every automaker suffered. Toyota Tundra sales have been up every month this year.

1. Ford F-Series236,745+3.9%April 2014
April 2013
2. Chevrolet Silverado150,512-3.5%April 2014
April 2013
3. Ram Truck133,580+22.5%April 2014
April 2013
4. GMC Sierra59,459+8.1%April 2014
April 2013
5. Toyota Tacoma49,100-6.4%April 2014
April 2013
6. Toyota Tundra37,619+18.1%April 2014
April 2013
7. Nissan Frontier23,559+35.9%April 2014
April 2013
8. Honda Ridgeline5,172-11.2%April 2014
April 2013
9. Nissan Titan4,274-30.5%April 2014
April 2013

GM seems to have rebounded a bit from their poor start with both the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra posting gains. Most analysts speculate this is due to GM finally offering some incentives on their trucks. It also seems that customers haven’t been affected by the ignition switch recalls. One does wonder what it would take for customers to be turned off.

Ram continues to grow their market share with all their numbers up quite a bit. They still trail the Chevy Silverado, however, the margin is closing. There is some thought that Ram is offering huge incentives to sell trucks to bring in the larger profits. An analyst I spoke with suggested Chrysler was hurting for spending capital and they need the truck sales in order to spend money on developing new cars. Why cars? Chrysler was one of the companies buying EPA credits to offset future CAFE requirements per an April EPA report. (I wrote a story over on TorqueNews about this – check it out here).

Ford posted another gain and continues to lead the way. Sure, you could argue that their meager sales improvements could signal trouble, yet with their volume, the percentages are going to be smaller. If you look at only the numbers, Ford improved by about 4k, GM by 3k, Ram by 5k and Toyota by 2k. Thus, Ford is keeping pace, GM is faltering a bit, Ram is gaining and Toyota is increasing, but not at the rate of the others.

The losers continue to be Nissan Titan and Honda Ridgeline. Both manufactures have new trucks coming to the market soon, so it is understandable that the older models aren’t moving as fast.

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  1. Aaron says:

    Wait.. you were nice to Nissan? WTH?

    • Tim Esterdahl says:

      Haha… Usually we get blasted for being mean to Ram. Picking on Nissan is like eh.


      • breathing borla says:

        I have slowly reformed you, LOL

        pretty soon you’ll be rockin’ a Ram LOL


        anyway, looks like everyone is doing good. I know we are super busy here and same for most people I talk too. I think the economy is waking up a little.

  2. GoBig says:

    I know I am seeing a lot of 2014’s on the road now.

  3. T says:

    According to our friends at TFL Truck, a 39 gallon gas tank is confirmed and will be an option for the Tundra. They are not specific but I am guessing the 2016 model year versus 2015 but you never know with Toyota.

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