Toyota Tundra January 2014 Sales Up – Others Down

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Toyota has reported their January 2014 vehicles sales and the Toyota Tundra was up over the previous year. With an assortment of the others showing sales drops, this could mean demand was actually much greater than the sales report shows. Much of the downswing is blamed on cold weather.

Toyota Tundra January 2014 Sales Up - Others Down

The Toyota Tundra’s January 2014 sales were up, while much of the competition was down. This tells us that demand is quite strong.

For the month, the Tundra was up 12.6%. This is a considerable gain with the majority of the other makers showing a sales drop except for Ram. Ram continues to build momentum and is close to surpassing the Chevy Silverado.

RankModel YTD SalesYTD vs. 2013Year-Over-YearMonthly SalesMonthly Change vs. 2013
1 - Ford F-Series46,536-.07%January 2014
January 2013
2 - Chevy Silverado28,926-18.4%January 2014
January 2013
3 - Ram Truck25,071+22.5%January 2014
January 2013
4 - GMC Sierra11,118-13.5%January 2014
January 2013
5 - Toyota Tacoma9,842-15.3%January 2014
January 2013
6 - Toyota Tundra7,890+12.6%January 2014
January 2013
7 - Nissan Frontier4,931+87.9%January 2014
January 2013
8 - Honda Ridgeline1,163-7.1%January 2014
January 2013
9 - Nissan Titan887-36.4%January 2014
January 2013

Most of the sales drops are being associated with the cold weather that plagued much of the country in January.

While the sales figures don’t really show much change in ranking, it is interesting to see how much Ram has improved and how the demand for the Tundra is indeed still strong.

What do you think? Any surprises?

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  1. Randy says:

    GM: This public does not appreciate “their money” tax dollars being sent to the EU and China in the Billions. The fact that they cannot build a truck, drive it off the lot before it goes up in flames does not help. GM’s primary business function is sending money overseas and making the elitist filthy rich at the expense of all Americans. Making cars is only a sideline and a very poor one at that.

    Ford: 100% of the sales have come entirely of the public’s hatred of GM. Their products are just a low quality as GM. The Ecoboost while a tremendous marketing success is an engineering failure of epic proportions; even out pacing the legendary the 6.0 diesel for the worst piece of engineering of the last 100 years.

    Toyota: No question QDR is dialed in. Their trucks actually do “work”. They are not perfect; there are some rough spots around the edges that Toyota should address to “polish off” the truck. But then production capacity would have to be increase 100 to 200 percent. It is unlikely Washington would let them do that?

    Fiat-RAM: A new joint venture between Italy and Germany – essentially the EU. Sure there are a few billion being sent overseas to make this puppy fly. Will Fiat make the RAM better? Will they dial in QDR to match or exceed Toyota? Can Dodge – I mean Ram – I mean Fiat actually provide a dealer structure that can actually fix trucks that do not work? What are Angela Dorothea Merkel’s intentions with RAM?

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      I think your comment is LONGER than my article. LOL!


    • Anonymous says:

      Wow, I just took a profit from GM stock. Nice to know I am elitist and filthy rich. So I got that going for me. I have also made profits in China. Forget the EU.

      You also have it just a bit backward. China is the one who is sending us the money buying all those T bonds which the brilliant congress then uses to fund who knows what. Wonder how long that will keep going on. How is China responsible for what the US Congress is doing?

      I will invest in any company which builds products the market wants. If that’s in Detroit great, if it’s in China great. If you think Detroit is the place to invest that would be your decision and I hope it goes well for you. I’ll take China.

      What’s GMs problem. They sold me junk a while back and they will never sell me jung again. I have not owned any GM product in 35 years.

      Will Fiat make the RAM better,,,,,, that’s a good one. The Fiats of the past I have had experience with were as bad as what GM sold me.

      Toyota and Subaru have given me good value over the last 30 years.

      Why shouldn’t GM build up in China, China is growing the US is not. Will the US recover and be the place for the auto industry to invest 10 years from now?

      So why are Toyota truck sales continuing to grow in the US? Simple, they are building better products and people want them. Talk to any owner of a 10 year old Tacoma, then talk to an owner of a small GM truck. The 4 cylinder light Tacoma could possibly be the best vehicle of any kind world wide and it might have the lowest cost of ownership over it’s life span.

      Much of this is our own Fault. We had the chance for the free market to flush Chrysler down the drain back in 1980 and once again Congress step in and told every other big US company you are too big to fail just keep on building whatever it is you build. I guess that’s the fault of China too.

  2. Breathing Borla says:

    I expect toyota to be down soon since they have a stop sale on the high trim tundras right now due to a fire risk from the seats. But it’s nice to see them selling these things overall since that may lead to the more features and options I am looking for out of them.

    Ram continues to impress and I just turned 14K with out a single glitch (knock on wood). Was just in yesterday for an oil change and Ram only charged me $12.88 for an oil change, my last tundra oil change was $65 dollars. What a difference between dealers, eh?

    • Randy says:


      If I had enough green stamps I would actually trade my wife’s 10 year old TL (run’s 100% perfect) for a RAM 4×4 just to drive side by side with the Tundra a couple of years to see which I would like best overall. But the green stamp supply is low and there are more pressing life concerns than another nice ride – since the car and the truck work fine.

      Fiat might performs some real magic with the RAM, time will tell.


    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      It’s going to be really interesting to see how close Ram comes to passing Chevy this year. I know that is their goal.


      • Breathing Borla says:

        I just hope they don’t try and build them so fast the quality goes down.

        the build quality on my 2013 seems to be real good, I can tell they have been learning from and targeting toyota.

        • Tim Esterdahl says:


          I don’t know seems like they are trying to expand really rapidly. Rumors are that they are considering a new plant as well. They want to grow now!


          • Breathing Borla says:

            I think they may need a new one, I think right now they are burning it at both ends to keep up at the MI plant from what I have read. Maybe it would be better to have another plant and run both normally.

            These 2013-2014 trucks seem to really be taking it to the market in terms of sales. We’ll see if they can keep up the quality improvement I am seeing.

            There are a lot less problems on the forums with these new ones than the older ones. The 2013 has been out for a while now as well

            time will tell

          • Tim Esterdahl says:


            I would agree that the new trucks “seem” be of better quality. Unfortunately, we will need several more years to truly know – much like the air injection pump issue for the Tundra.


          • Breathing Borla says:

            I agree about needing to see more years of data, I just decided to see for myself, so far so good.

            regarding the AIP deal, can you believe there are already 2014 tundras with this issue, and the parts are on back order. Some guys have new trucks they can’t even drive and have loaners waiting while waiting for parts.

            they should have deleted that AIP system for 2014.

          • Tim Esterdahl says:

            I hadn’t heard of 2014 owners having an issue. That is terrible. I can’t believe there hasn’t been a permanent fix to this stupid problem. It has been going on for years! I know of several 2005 owners who have had the issue in Sequioas. That is almost 10 years now.


          • Breathing Borla says:

            yup, here is the latest one I’ve seen

            only 700 miles on it.


            maybe you can tell sweers to lose this POS system, LOL

  3. Mickey says:

    Borla all I will say what you got wasn’t synthetic.

    • Breathing Borla says:

      nope just regular oil. At that price it make no sense to go with synthetic.

      in out very fast with free coffee or water, I go every 4K miles or so..

  4. toyrulz says:

    @Tim – it really bugs me that 3/4 of the big 4 rub Toyota’s nose in market share when they combine multiple model lines against solitary Tundra. I don’t like unfair fights and bullies… but search as I may, I can’t ever find how many F-series sales are just F-150, how many Silvierras and Rams 1500s.

    I understand the info may be available from JR Power (or?) for paying customers which I’m not…

    These numbers may look less lopsided and may garner some attention if finally published… their just not available to people, left to assumptions that the 150/1500s must make up the most of the numbers.

    Ram quality may improve in short term as people stress of job security with new owners… but a major thing has to happen for any of the 3/4s to touch Toyota’s QRD. They still play a different game than Toyota, their business model is profit from volume (make them cheap, price them competitively, discount with incentives as required to meet cash flow targets). It’s all about short term bottom line and different than Toyotas build better more efficiently and make modest profits while fostering growth model

    • Tim Esterdahl says:

      Your frustration at finding the numbers is well understood. I, too, have struggled to find any numbers. The thing that irritates me is that other “fan” boys like to rub the monthly numbers in the face of Tundra fans. Yet, you can’t really compare apples to apples with the way Ford broadcasts their numbers.

      If you search our site, we have many posts about this and the general consensus on what percentages to consider Ford sales to be HD, Fleet, etc… The truth is that it is probably around 70-80 percent of Ford sales are F-150s. The other truth is that Ford simply sells the hell out of that truck and they are the leader. There is really no argument.

      With all that said, there is something to be said for cheap trucks. Ford is well known for building the “Ford Strong = Work Truck.” The truth is that work trucks really increases their volume, yet it is a really basic model that isn’t expected to last very long. I say expected to last very long, because Ford is trying to move product and with fleet buyers buying new trucks each year, their long-term durability isn’t that much of a concern. Look at it from their point of view, if you knew contractors beat the crap out of it and bought a new one every 3 years or so, would you really worry about long-term durability or cost. I would worry about cost and I would make damn sure I sold the cheapest truck you could find. The contractor doesn’t care, they are going to lease it, beat it up and then trade it off.

      I think Toyota says it best when they say, they are building the best “consumer” pickup on the market. That statement really speaks to what they are trying to achieve. If they were really going for volume, you would see a completely different truck and a different statement from them. The fact that they aren’t willing to increase capacity to meet the demand speaks volumes.

      Frankly, the reason I run these stories is more of a “informative” post about how the Tundra is doing. I think a lot of owners would love to see sales figures explode, that simply isn’t going to happen. However, the growth of this month versus the drops from the competitors stands out for me. If the demand were weak, they would have posted a loss like everyone else. Yet, demand MUST have been better than that.

      Now, if they would only fix that stupid seat issue, they might have a bigger year. I am not thinking that February’s sales figures will be that great because of that. I have heard of several buyers leaving dealerships without being able to purchase a truck. Not good at all.


  5. toyrulz says:

    I will just add that like a good friend of mine who is a smart guy but isn’t into wheels like me, bought an F-150 – because they must be good to sell so many compared to the others. Meanwhile Silverado + Sierra is usually a hair more… but anyway, market share helps sales despite meaning NOTHING about how good something is. VHS beat Beta, PC beat Mac and iPhone and Android beat BlackBerry…

    I think they all do their best to avoid direct competition, Ford foes after the tough truck segment, Ram is now after lifestyle, GM tries to have something for everyone, and in 2006, Toyota tried to out do them all and has lowered the bar to going after number 3 (Ram).

    Ford has/had 5.0 cemented with positive from Mustang fame, Ram chose to put weight behind 5.7L and use Hemi fame of yesteryear, and GM dropped 305/350 and tried to create buzz around new sizes 5.3L bigger than Ford’s 5.0 and 6.2L (?) bigger than 5.7….

    Ram went coils and offered features for comfort, Ford stayed firm, GM did both. Toyota took 5.7L, and made it tough with QRD with a good dose of comfort. Around these parts, until Rams coils, Toyota was regarded as nicest riding truck with most features and comfort. Is still regarded locally as a Premium truck with awesome strong engine. Thing is, like GM, Tundra is not clear winner in a big market item. GM may have most choice overall, and I think Tundra is one model that is best overall being most things to most people – but lacks the sales focus of Ford’s “were tough” and Ram’s tough-enough, full featured and comfortable.

    Toyota is very comparable to BlackBerry, they have the goods, but hard to convince people that are brainwashed against them. If given a chance and sufficiently tried – owners will not go back, but can’t convince people to try stuff their told is poison.

    Where Toyota gets respect for cars and BlackBerry for government and wall street users, Toyota is not getting fair consideration for new Tundra (like BlackBerry with BB10 for consumers). Both have gone to Prosumer marketing.

  6. mk says:

    main reason GM is not selling is very, very LOW rebates on their redesigned silverado/sierra. Low rebates = low sales for GM.

    I will wait to see if the rebates go up to 4-5K before I purchase or even consider purcashing a chevy silverado again.

    Shocked the tundras are selling so well with very low rebates as well ONLY 500 bucks is diddly.

    Will wait until spring to see if 2-3K is available then.

  7. Randy says:

    We all have seen the New Ford Commercials this last month:

    “A Ford F-Series Truck Sold Every 42 Seconds”

    We all know that Ford sales have been pretty darn flat for a while now:

    “A Ford F-Series Truck Fails Every 42 Seconds”

  8. toyrulz says:

    You just reminded me of when I was selling my 2004, a buyer was trying to get my price down saying there was rust under it… Told him there is less rust on my Tundra than my buddies much newer F-150 (I never looked under his truck or knew what year it was). So buyer looked and said your right. (phew!)

    Anyway, he couldn’t afford my Toyota so left to go see a Jeep. So I asked my buddy, “so what year is your Ford?”. He says 2009. 5 years newer and my 2004 lived on gravel roads most it’s life.

    His moon roof was broken stuck open and leaking, his front bearings were shot and front tires bald on one side only, battery wasn’t charging, would rev to red line at cold start for no reason intermittently… and so on…

    QRD folks… I’m glad he got a good deal.

  9. Ken says:

    I’ll add that the Ram is NOT that impressive because the increase is only being comparing against January 2013 which Ram had a much lower increase than everyone.

    For example:
    January 2013
    Ford +21.7%
    Chevy +31%
    GMC +35%
    Tundra +27.1
    Tacoma +30%
    Ram +14%

    So of course Ram is going to have a nice increase in Janauary 2014, because their increase was so low in January 2013.

    Comparing Ram January 2014 against December 2013, Ram sales dropped 30%.

    If you take Tundra’s 27.1% increase and 12.6% increase and average it out, it comes to 20%. The two Ram figures averages to 18%.

    People who are very impressed by the Ram figures need to stop cherry picking the months. I expected Ford to be down and am surprised they have held on. Tundra’s increase is bigger than Ram’s yet nobody wants to talk about that, it’s all Fiat-Ram. GM screwed themselves by thinking people were going to pay a lot more for a truck that basically looks the same.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      That is a great point on comparing Ram’s numbers more in-depth versus 2013. And I agree that Toyota’s increase stands out except for me the reasons are a bit different.

      Thanks for commenting!


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