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According to’s annual American-Made Index, there are no American made full-size or mid-size truck. Instead, there are really only seven cars that are truly American. Huh? American-Made Index Drops All Trucks - Relevant?

None of these Toyota Tundra trucks (built in Texas with major parts assembled in the U.S.) are American-Made according to Index.

Does the Toyota Tundra Need More Technology?

In the past week or two, we have seen a surge in new technology apps and features from other leading truck makers. This is leading us to question: does the Toyota Tundra need more technology features to compete better?

Does the Toyota Tundra Need More Technology?

The new Pro Trailer Backup Assist from Ford handles the operation with the push of a button.

March 2015 Truck Sales – Toyota Tundra, Tacoma Help Set Record

The March, 2015 sales numbers are in and one thing is certain – Toyota is hot right now. This is in contrast to both GM and Ford posting losses and FCA eking out a meager gain. In fact, the light-duty truck side of Toyota posted its best sales in March ever.

March 2015 Sales Results, Toyota Tundra Helps Set Record

While other trucks have a lot of fancy new features, the stalwart Toyota Tundra continues to sell well and prove critics wrong.

Should You Lease A 2015 Toyota Tundra?

One of the least understood options when purchasing a new car is leasing. A large portion of the population sees leasing as simply “renting a car” and therefore a bad deal. Yet truck leasing is on the rise, and there are some good reasons for this surge in popularity. Here’s what you need to know.

Should You Lease A 2015 Toyota Tundra?

Does leasing a 2015 Toyota Tundra make any sense? Sure.

Not Every 2015 Toyota Tundra Tows 10,500 lbs

Quite often, we come across information/photos on forums or Facebook showing dangerously overloaded Toyota Tundra trucks with mis-informed comments like: “it can tow 10,500 lbs., you should be fine with the 30-foot trailer loaded with concrete blocks, a backhoe and an ATV in the bed to boot.” While we try to offer accurate information, towing remains one of the least understood topics in full-size trucks. Here is some basic information.

Not Every 2015 Toyota Tundra Tows 10,500 lbs

Before you go hooking up a load, here are some things you need to know.

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