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Breaking Wheel Caps on Toyota Tundras?

Recently, we found an interesting thread on about breaking wheels caps. As a potential problem with Toyota Tundra pickups, we thought it best to follow up on this. Here is what we found.

Breaking Wheel Caps

Do Toyota Tundra trucks have a breaking wheel cap problem?

Tamiya Toyota Tundra Conquers Snowy Landscape

Surrounded by some beautiful wintry scenery, the Tamiya Toyota Tundra handles all the different terrain challenges thrown at it. Albeit, it handles everything it is capable of handling for the type of truck it is.

YouTube Preview Image

Selling Your Toyota Tundra on Twitter

There are many ways to sell a truck: classified, Craigslist, Auto trader, maybe even Ebay. How about selling your Toyota Tundra on Twitter?

Selling Your Toyota Tundra on Twitter

Is selling your truck on Twitter the new way to buy/sell cars?

Catalytic Converter Thieves Strike Again – Virginia Dealership

An Elizabeth City, Virginia dealership recently discovered that 15 new Toyota Tundras were hit by catalytic converter thieves. The loss is estimated at $72,000.

Cataltyic Converter Thieves Strike Again - Virginia Dealership

Catalytic converter thieves strike again stealing 15 from an Elizabeth City, Virginia dealership. What can you do to stop them?

Toyota Tundra Vs. Dodge Ram Battle in Philly

The full-size 2012 Toyota Tundra Double Cab 4X4 is the better choice compared to the 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport Quad Cab, according to a head-to-head comparison test that was conducted by A reviewer recently took the two full-size pickup trucks for a spin, paying close attention to powertrain options, cabin and cargo space, the way the trucks drive and how easy the trucks are to maneuver.

Toyota Tundra Vs. Dodge Ram

The Toyota Tundra came out on top in a head-to-head comparison with the Dodge Ram 1500 in a review by