New, Lighter Oil Mysteriously Vanishing in New Cars

In the quest to achieve better fuel economy, many automakers are using lighter weight oil. However, is this oil mysteriously vanishing from new cars. Will we all have to go back to carrying extra oil all the time?

New Oil Weight Mysteriously Vanishes in New Cars

New 0 weight engine oil has been mysteriously vanishing in new cars. Is the oil to blame?

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GM in trouble? Again? Key Markets, Lack of New Vehicles Could Spell Doom

The recently rescued General Motors is falling behind in key markets and a lack of new products is causing some analysts to wonder if the automaker is once again in trouble. While speculation is just speculation, there is some truth behind them.

GM in trouble? Again?

Could GM be in trouble yet again? Some analysts are speculating that very thing.

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LaHood’s Legacy – NHTSA Isn’t Just Writing And Enforcing Safety Rules Any More

Ray LaHood

Outgoing Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood

US Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood – whom I have criticized vehemently for his mismanagement of the Toyota unintended acceleration debacle – is leaving his post whenever congress approves his replacement.

LaHood’s legacy at NHTSA is debatable, but one of his hires has implemented a fundamental change in the way that the government regulates automakers. From Automotive News:

Strickland, who became NHTSA administrator in 2010 amid the Toyota sudden-acceleration crisis…reaffirmed the agency’s intent to scrutinize vehicle data continually for patterns that might point to risks that merit a recall.

“It really is based on the notion of unreasonable risk. And that is an evolving notion,” Strickland said. The agency, he added, is obligated to reassess a potential risk “if state of the art moves all the peers in one direction, and it appears that there is another part of the fleet that has not made those same moves or improvements.

That’s right – NHTSA isn’t going to just write and enforce regulations any longer. They’re also going after companies who don’t update their designs quickly enough if/when those designs are shown to be unsafe…even 20 years after the fact. Read more…

2011 Spruce Mica Toyota Tundra – Featured Truck

This week’s featured isn’t just modified, it is done in a color we don’t see that often on modified trucks – Spruce Mica. After seeing how well this truck came out, we don’t know why more people don’t have that color!

2011 Spruce Mica Toyota Tundra - Featured Truck

This truck sure looks great!

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Is Ram Cheap Selling the Diesel Package?

The full-size truck world is really enamored by the introduction of the Ram 1500 diesel option. While there are plenty of pros and cons, is it being offered at a cheaper upgrade price by Ram?

Ram Cheap Selling the Diesel Package

Is Ram offering the diesel package too cheaply to help it in other areas?

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