2011 Spruce Mica Toyota Tundra – Featured Truck

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This week’s featured isn’t just modified, it is done in a color we don’t see that often on modified trucks – Spruce Mica. After seeing how well this truck came out, we don’t know why more people don’t have that color!

2011 Spruce Mica Toyota Tundra - Featured Truck

This truck sure looks great!

The 2011 Spruce Mica Tundra has:

  • Pro comp 6 inch lift
  • Rockstar xd rims star emblem color matched
  • 20×35 Nitto tires
  • SnugTop cover 
  • Horn blaster 540
  • Linex for bed 
  • Monster hook hitch
  • Doug thorley headers short pipe
  • Flow master dual exhaust
  • Green halo lights
  • Powder coated matte black front & back bumper
  • Bush wacker pocket style color match powder coated bolts
  • Rhino step bar powder coated matte black
  •  HID headlights
  • Arm research window visors
  • Arm research bed extender
  • Viper remote starter
  • Toyota emblem color matched
  • Weather Tech floor mats
2011 Spruce Mica Toyota Tundra - Featured Truck

Did we mention the green halo lights?

2011 Spruce Mica Toyota Tundra - Featured Truck

Lovely on the street and on the off-road, just the way the truck should be.

2011 Spruce Mica Toyota Tundra - Featured Truck

A cool angle on this nice custom Tundra.

2011 Spruce Mica Toyota Tundra - Featured Truck

Did we mention the green halo lights? We did. Oh right, sorry.

2011 Spruce Mica Toyota Tundra - Featured Truck

A fitting way to end this story.

What do you think? Stud or dud? What feature do you like best?

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  1. Rick says:

    What a cool truck! I don’t know what feature I like best. But without a supercharger, I would install a 4.88 Nitro gear with an Auburn Locker. That would bring back some acceleration especially with the tall, knobby tires. Maybe some MPG would be returned with a bigger gear.

    I think my fav feature are the Halos! They make the truck look so sinister! Just a great job overall.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      I love the halos too. What a cool look!


      • Rick says:

        Hey Tim,

        Can you find out how the owner of the Spruce Mica Tundra installed his Halos? It would also be a great article to see how he installed his options and came about the ideas for his truck.


        • Tim Esterdahl says:

          Hey Rick,

          Check out his Facebook page, he is always answering questions there. Also, I think he is on one of the forums. I’ll see if I can find him. That would probably be the best ways to contact him.


    • LJC says:

      Auburn has a locker for the Tundra? I thought is was a mechanical LSD?

      • RIck says:

        Yeah sorry that’s what I meant – Auburn is an LSD. It’s a great rear for the Tundra. I have it and love it! Check the blogs and you’ll get an idea of the Auburn’s large following.


  2. mk says:

    nice truck, but spruce mica is for sure an interesting color. I like the forest green in the shade, but direct sunlight is WAY too greenish especially with the gold metallic flakes sparkling all over in bright sunshine, way too much GREEN factor. I was going to buy one luckily saw the color in bright sunlight and decided NOT to.

    Definitely a rare color, I preferred my timberline mica green in 2007 MUCH, MUCH better not as much of a stand out WOW green color.

  3. Mickey says:

    Looks good. Very unique halo’s. It’s great to be different.

  4. LJC says:

    If the Green Hornet were to drive a truck, it would be this one! Spruce Green, very good choice of color.
    Kudos to the owner! Great job and eye!

  5. Anthony says:

    It Has Been Really Exciting For Me To Watch The Owner of spruce Mica Turn It Up. From Riding Stock And Now Mashing High With The Lift. My Favorite Feature If i Have To Choose One Besides The Unique Color, Would Be The Train Horn. Can’t Wait To See What Comes Next…..

  6. mk says:

    yah, train horn would be nice on my cycle to wake up all those darn cagers not paying attention trying to kill the cyclists on the roads.

  7. jonathan says:

    thank u all for positive comments… im still working for some more mods ..

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