Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Future Clouded – Discontinued?

The rapid changing nature of the full-size truck segment, pending CAFE requirements and new production materials are making the Ford Raptor’s future clouded. Could the ultra-popular product be discontinued or fundamentally changed?

Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Future Clouded - Discontinued?

Is the end near for the Ford Raptor? Maybe or maybe not.

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UAW Works to Unionize VW Plant Boasts “New Model”

The “killers of Detroit,” as some call them, are at it again trying to unionize a VW plant in Chattanooga, TN. The UAW has so far failed with its Toyota efforts, can it win over VW employees with its “new model” campaign?

UAW Works to Unionize VW Plant Boasts "New Model"

An anti-union billboard located on a highway near Chattanooga. Photo credit Dan Henry, Times Free Press.

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Mike Sweers Interview on Truck Trend

Just as an FYI – we wanted to make sure all Tundra fans see the Mike Sweers, Chief Engineer Tundra and Tacoma, interview over at Truck Trend. Click here for the link.

STUDY: Diesel Total Cost of Ownership Way Better than Gas

The current trend of diesel powered vehicles has captured the attention of all automotive fans. It is reasonable to assume then we are going to see all sorts of new studies about the different engine types. A new study by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute found that diesel is the MORE cost-effective than gas. Do you buy it?

STUDY: Diesel Total Cost of Ownership Way Better than Gas

While trucks like this have given diesel a bad name, the new clean diesel is gaining a lot of fans. A new study says the Total Cost of Ownership of diesel is way better than gas. Agree or disagree?

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Custom Mini-Monster Toyota Tundra Platinum Crew Max – Featured Truck

The things people do to customize their Toyota Tundra trucks simply amaze us sometimes. Count this one as one that simply amazes us.

YouTube Preview Image

While it may be tough to hear what he is saying, it is easy to see the results. The guys at the Hawaiian tuner Intense Motorsports Maui have built what they claim is “the most expensive and elaborate build ever completed in the region,” according to We can’t disagree.

Besides the elaborate lift with custom suspension, it has a TRD supercharger to go with the “Lexus” like interior. The retractable running boards are a nice touch too.

This truck is probably one of the most polarizing ones we have seen in a while. It seems you are either think it is really sweet or a complete waste of money. Which side are you on?

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