Toyota Tundra cruising downtown Denver

As you know, I got together with a local dealer this last weekend and took some photos of the new Tundra for the website. I also managed to get some video. The clip is super short, and kind of crude. I’m looking into why the quality is so low, but I think it’s due to the .wmv format used (youtube’s upload guide suggested I submit in an mpeg4 format). I am looking into why the editing software I have does not offer mpeg4 output (I think I have to pay extra).

In any case, if you want to see a short clip of the truck cruising about downtown denver, see the embedded link below.

YouTube Preview Image

One Note: I plan to take more videos in the future of the truck. I’m told that there will be a lifted, decked-out version of the truck that I will be able to spend some time with. If you have any suggestions or ideas for videos you’d like to see please let me know.

Tundra v. F150 — Part II: Features and Pricing


This comparison is from 2007 and is out-dated. Check out our 2009 Tundra vs. F-150 comparison instead.

The second part of our Tundra v. F150 comparison, Features and Pricing, will evaluate the relative costs of the two vehicles and compare the features found on both. We will only be highlighting the features that are unique — common features won’t be evaluated. Also, we’ll only be concentrating on features that a non-commercial “common man” user will probably desire. Last, features that are similar will be compared if and when the difference between them is significant. Read more…

New Tundra Photos

The people up at Mountain States Toyota, in addition to helping sponsor my site, graciously met up with me in downtown Denver to take some photos of the new Tundra in front of some Denver landmarks. You can see the photos on — they’re all tagged “tundrahq”. Or, click here.

Thanks again to Mountain States Toyota for letting me take pictures of their Tundra truck. I hope to get more photos of a new CrewMax Limited when one becomes available.

Tundra v. F150 — Part I: Mechanicals


This comparison is from 2007 and is out-dated. Check out our 2009 Tundra vs. F-150 comparison instead.

As promised, we’re going to deliver a comprehensive comparison of the new 2007 Toyota Tundra to the best-selling truck in the world, the Ford F150. We’re going to start with the mechanical systems and components of the truck, specifically items where either manufacturer has a clear edge. This isn’t an exhaustive comparison, but it is going to give anyone considering both vehicles some helpful information.

Let Round One of Tundra v. F150 begin!! Read more…

Toyota Tundra Financing

If you’re considering purchasing a new Toyota Tundra, then you’re probably curious about financing. As of March, 2007, Toyota is offering special interest rates on the new Toyota Tundra. However, are these special rates the best financing deal for your new Tundra? Here are some questions you can ask yourself: Read more…