GM Trucks Rusty Brake Lines, New Fix – Poor Solution?

Rust. One of the worst four-letter words any vehicle owner can hear. Normally it attacks frames and body panels. However, GM truck owners are seeing it on brake lines which can snap. GM is now offering a fix, but owners have to pay for it. Huh?

GM Trucks Rusty Brake Lines, New Fix - Poor Solution?

This picture of the brake lines is from a 2004 Chevy Silverado with 30k “pampered” miles according to the owner.

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Ford’s EcoBoost Losing Steam With Ford Loyalists

Update: Brian J in the comments below asked me to support my post with some data – here’s the data that supports the original conclusion.

When Ford’s EcoBoost engines came out, a lot of people (myself included) saw the engine as a game-changer. A bold new step forward for trucks, one that promised better fuel economy without sacrificing much power.

Ford truck owners question value of EcoBoost

A growing number of Ford truck owners are questioning the reliability and fuel economy benefits of the EcoBoost V6. That’s bad news for Ford, as they’ve put all their eggs in the EcoBoost basket.

Years later, we’ve seen copious amounts of evidence to suggest that the EcoBoost isn’t the game-changer it promised to be. From anecdotes about mediocre fuel economy to problems with stalling and hesitation to hefty turbo replacement costs, there is ample evidence for skeptics like me to grab on to.

But what about Ford loyalists? Are they too seeing that EcoBoost isn’t what it’s cracked up to be? The answer seems to be yes – at least partially. Read more…

Toyota Sued Again By McCune Wright – Money Hungry?

Automakers get sued quite often it seems these days. Are the cars really that faulty and manufactures that negligent? Probably not. Are law firms becoming more “sue happy?”  You bet.

Toyota Sued Again By the Same Firm - Money Hungry?

Yet another McCune Wright lawsuit has been filed. This time, the target is the Prius V 5 wagon.

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Featured – Crushing for the Cure Monster Truck

UPDATE: October is breast cancer awareness month. We decided to rerun this post as a reminder to everyone!

Pink monster trucks aren’t a typical feature of the professional car crushing circuit – but then again, teams like Crushing for the Cure are far from the standard crew of nitro-methane enthusiasts.  As the name might suggest, the people behind Crushing for the Cure are dedicated to spreading awareness about breast cancer and to raising funds to help combat this terrible disease.

Kathy Willis and TNT.

Crushing for the Cure is the result of the passion that driver Kathy Willis and husband Ged Barcroft have for both 4×4 action and social conscience. Natives of Alberta, Canada, Kathy got behind the wheel of her truck TNT for the first time in 2005, becoming Canada’s only female monster truck driver. TNT is a Ford F550 that runs a 429 Super Cobra Jet that has been bored out to 493 cubic inches and fitted with an 871 blower. The injected methanol setup puts out roughly 1,400 horsepower, which runs through a modified C6 transmission that turns 66-inch Firestone tires. Coombs shocks give the truck 20 inches of front travel and 26 inches of travel at the rear, which is more than enough to devour stacks of junk cars at monster truck events around North America. Ged also runs a truck called Sheer Insanity when the team’s schedule permits. Read more…

EPA Will Reveal MPG Test Data – Who Should be Afraid

For the first time ever, the EPA plans to release the results of their MPG testing in “plain English.” This will finally shed some light on what the EPA is seeing and provide an independent source for MPG estimates. Which automaker do you think is most afraid of the results going public?

EPA Will Reveal MPG Test Data - Who Should be Afraid

This fall the EPA will reveal the manufacture MPG testing audits to the public for the first time. Who should be concerned?

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