Ford F-150 EcoBoost Problems: Shuddering, Power Loss & Limp Mode

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UPDATE: We’ve been told that Ford has a fix for this problem coming ASAP. See for the details.

In recent months, a growing number of Ford F-150 EcoBoost owners are reporting that their trucks can shudder and stall during normal use. In severe cases, some EcoBoost F150 owners have said that their trucks have suddenly gone into “limp mode,” where the engine loses almost all power.

Reports of EcoBoost shudder and power loss are coming primarily from humid states, such as Texas and Florida.

After reading numerous Ford truck forums, talking to various auto experts, and even talking to a couple of Ford technicians, this is what we’ve learned:

  1. Ford has a growing problem here, as the number of EcoBoost owners reporting issues isn’t getting any smaller
  2. Ford’s response to this problem has only served to anger afflicted EcoBoost F150 owners

Ford F-150 EcoBoost Problems

What’s Causing the EcoBoost to Shudder and Go Into Limp Mode?

Most drivers reporting EcoBoost issues say the trouble begins as a vehicle shudder – which can vary from a slight wiggle to a violent shake – that occurs during normal operation.

From there, the shudder problem can escalate to a computer override that puts the F150 into “limp mode,” which essentially kills all engine power. Considering that some F150 owners have reported going into limp mode while driving down the freeway, this is a pretty disconcerting situation.

Based on our investigation, the origins of the problem stem from the Charge Air Cooler (CAC).

A CAC cools the intake air after it passes through the turbocharger, just before the air enters the engine. A Ford technician spoke out on a forum saying that the CAC is working too well, as it’s cooling the intake air so much that condensation is forming inside the air intake tube. We confirmed this explanation with a couple of experts (including a Ford dealership service manager in Texas who wished to remain anonymous), but were unable to get official confirmation from Ford.

Here’s how it happens:

  1. As air is drawn through the charge air cooler, moisture collects inside the tubing. This typically happens when the engine is cruising on the highway, as the air flow into the motor is relatively slow.
  2. If the driver hits the throttle, the sudden change in the intake air flow rate through the CAC causes the engine to essentially vacuum up all the moisture inside the tube.
  3. If the amount of condensation (water) the engine ingests is small, you just get a minor shudder. If the amount of condensation is significant, the F150’s computer system throws a red flag and forces the vehicle into limp mode to prevent further damage.

For drivers in areas where the dew point is equal to the ambient temperature for hours at a time, condensation inside the CAC is a frequent and sometimes severe problem.

The Reaction of Drivers and Ford

Ford F-150 drivers affected by these malfunctions were outraged, not only because of the vehicles’ sudden defect, but also by a lack of resolution from Ford. Starting in July 2012, F-150 owner and YouTube member kelley350x documented his truck’s problems and call to a Ford regional representative. The videos document the vehicle beginning experiencing problems at 25,000 miles and by 37,937 throwing codes for Water Intrusion, Random Misfire, Misfire on Cylinder 1, and Misfire on Cylinder 4.

YouTube Preview Image

That’s one upset F150 owner, isn’t it?

If you listen to this call, you’ll hear the Ford regional representative suggest that the driver had purchased the wrong vehicle for towing, as Mr. Kelley’s problems occurred primarily when he was towing a relatively light 6’10” trailer. Back in July, the Ford rep informed Mr. Kelley that a Ford was currently working on a solution and it would be available in 4-6 weeks. However, as of this writing (mid-October 2012) there is no concrete resolution. Ford did release a programming update (see below), but many EcoBoost owners are reluctant to say the problem is fixed.

Why is this little shudder such an issue for F150 owners? The reactions of those whom went from smoothly cruising down the highway to a creeping crawl cannot be understated. Forum posts such as “My Ford Eco-Boost Almost Killed Us!” are hard to ignore. The forum user reports that while trying to pass a slower vehicle on the highway, the motor lost power (went into Limp Mode) and he had to pull over to avoid collision. An ardent Facebook page entitled “Ford F150 Problems and what is Ford Motor Company doing about it?” has formed to share their stories. Perhaps most persistent in their posts is the anger when they’re told that Ford has made dealerships aware of the problems, but hasn’t told them how to fix it.

What’s worse is that Ford isn’t working with EcoBoost F150 owners who are understandably reluctant to drive their trucks. Ford is not providing loaner vehicles to these buyers, nor are they attempting to come up with a solution that would get these drivers out of the EcoBoost and into a 5.0L (which, it must be said, seems to be operating flawlessly).

Potential Fix Now Available

Thankfully for Mr. Kelley and other similarly afflicted F-150 drivers, Ford has come out with a solution and issued a TSB to address this shuddering problem. Ford has issued a software update – a “patch” for the PCM (powertrain control module) – as well as adding a deflector over the air intake to try and channel the condensation away from the intake.

Solution for Ford F-150 Shudder, Power Loss, & Limp Mode

Ford has issued a TBS for vehicle’s suffering from water ingestion that results in shuddering and limp mode: reprogramming the PCM and a deflector plate over the air intake

Luckily for Ford and most F-150 drivers, you’ll likely only experience these issues if you live in (or are traveling through) a high humidity area with a low dew point. Still, if you live in an effected area, good luck to you.

Any F150 owners are encouraged to comment below and share their story!

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  1. Josh says:

    I made a guess a while ago that sometimes less is more. Ford added a bunch of stuff to a motor so they could have all this performance with good MPG. I figured the Turbos would been the first thing to go out or cause problems…I was half right lol.

    I think if Ford doesent respond fast this might really hurt sales of the EcoBoost. I know plenty of people that stuck with different motors like a V8, V6, or diesel cause the EcoBoost was to “differnt”. Good luck to F-150 guys.

    • Al says:

      Although any problem with a vehicle can be diturbing here in Md we don’t experince those specific conditions. The article said a few hundred were affected, how many is a few hundred 200-300? If the number were 300 that would represent about .1% of production if 900 than that would be .3% of production. I may be wronge but are not new vehicles measured in intances per 100 and isn’t that number usually about 6-7 per hundred. My F150 eco runs perfect day in day out and tows 9600lbs with very little effort.

      • Val says:

        I had the same problem with my 2012 EcoBoost.
        Loss of power just as I was entering highway, almost got ran over by tractor trailer. Luckily he had room to pull to the left. Ford’s fix caused my gas milage to drop to 14 mpg on the highway.
        I brought it back after 8 months and traded it in.
        Expensive lesson

  2. KMS says:

    Like Josh I was waiting for something to go wrong. This is a problem that is fixable IF Ford gets proactive, addresses it, gets the fix out and treats their customers right in the process. Technology is great but folks need to realize that like anything manmade, it can and will break. Along that line I also see this as some short sighted engineering on Ford’s part along with not enough real world testing in variable weather and locations.

    • Al says:

      Didn’t that truck test for over 1 million miles in desert conditions alone? That is what my research said before I purchased…

      • Tim Esterdahl says:


        Yes, it probably did. However, this shuddering has been discussed mostly in humid climates.


        • Dennis says:

          I have had my ecoboost in the shop twice now and it will be going back again. First fix was a replacement of all 6 coils. Second fix was replace number 1 and 3 coils. This thing jerks so violently upon excelleration I have had it! I just took a 2600 mile trip from Texas to Wisconsin and put up with the problem the whole way up and back. We were rerouted due to flooding in Missouri and were on back roads. I could not pass as the truck would loose power. I will be taking it back to the dealer again and if not happy ( or lied to ) I will try to get out of this truck. Not a Happy Camper!

          • Tim Esterdahl says:

            Man that stinks. Hopefully it all works out for you!


          • roger gray says:


          • Anonymous says:

            First sitting at bus stop with back glass busted replaced then trans case leaking waited April 30 to June 10 final they replaced hole trans then got back 2 days later truck started jumping up down when pushed gas. Twice pissed

  3. LJC says:

    Quick Post: I’m surprised of the over-cooling reported by Ford. That technology has been used for a while now in diesels. For example, I believe the 2000 Dodge 2500 with a Cummins had it.

    Honestly, once Ford gets the bugs worked out, I believe the ecoBoost will raise the bar. However, that may be one expensive road to travel, both in terms of customer loyalty and clams (dollars).

    I wish the ecoBoost owners the best with this and I hope Ford will not leave them on the side of the road.

    • KMS says:

      I wonder if the reason this works better with diesels is because of a temperature difference????? Also it would be interesting to see the design difference between a diesel CAC and the Ecoboost CAC.

      I agree that the Ecoboost definitely raises the bar and I hope Ford gets this worked out with a quickness.

      • If I had to guess, I’d say that it’s not a problem on the diesel because throwing a little water into a diesel engine doesn’t cause a problem.

      • Anonymous says:

        I have 66,000 miles on my 2011 F-150 ecoboost and I have experienced similar issues from time to time. they changed the CAC tube and covered approximately one third of the intercooler and it still had the same problem with less power. I removed the cover over the intercooler. This engine is so strong I don’t care if I have a miss every now and then. 18 to 19 miles per gallon around town and 20 to 25 miles per gallon on the road with a 6000 lb four wheel drive truck. Amazing and tows better than any V-8 or V-10 I’ve owned. I love the truck and know why Ford has sold so many of them.

        • Brian Orr says:

          You are full of sh*t I pull a 5500 lbs and get 8 to 10 miles to the gallon and FORD says ( so what )I,m afraid to use any power I can afford to.

        • don in maine says:

          man that is some different than my 3.5 esoboost only getting 9 to 12 mpg around town 14mpg on highway

        • Unhappy EcoBoost Owner says:

          I have a 2011 F-150 EcoBoost with only 35,000 miles on it and I get absolutely lousy mileage – 13 city 15 highway and only 10 to 12 pulling a small, light trailer. When I complained to the dealer the response was “well you modified the truck by putting an ARE cover on the bed”. What a stupid statement. If anything, the cover improved the aerodynamics of the bed and should have improved the MPG. No complaints about the power, it seems to have plenty, but I bought the Ecoboost for the improved mileage. What is really frustrating is that I paid extra for something that is complicated (over a tried and true standard V8) and thus will be prone to problems as it gets older and it doesn’t deliver the mileage that was promised. I was really sold a bill of goods and I only let it happen because I am a long time Ford fan (or I used to be)

        • bob says:

          I never had a problem until I pulled a 16 ft trailer. Started to shudder and took it to the dealer got it back and the engine light came back on the same day

    • A good point. Ford *will* find a fix for this, but it might get worse before it gets better.

      Also, nice post by Jamie, right? She chased this thing down like a bloodhound…very happy with it! 🙂

  4. Mickey says:

    Is Ford going to blame the company who had the patent on the ecoboost?

  5. Art64 says:

    This is just the beginning folks!!!! Standby for more as the ecotoot engine gets older.

  6. LJC says:

    I certainly remember the punch line; my son and I watched the Torture Test videos at least 10 times and the Tundra Deconstructed even more!


    • Jesse says:

      How or where might you go about running an “oil analysis test?” We are on attempt #3 at our ford dealer in fixing this problem… starting to think we have a lemon case.

  7. Rick says:


    This condensation issue won’t affect Tundras that are supercharged? I know it has an intercooler and the R&D on the kit is well known, so I am hoping there won’t be any issues!

  8. Randy says:

    The F150 Ecoboost is a major disaster and is very dangerous. Neither Ford nor the Dealer has any solution what so ever. As of Oct 30, 2012 they have no solution, and they still have not tested any potential solution in a real world setting.

    The intercooler can and does produce enough water to put in the engine into Hydrolock, my truck did that with only 9,200 miles on it. The damage to the entire drive train is undeniable, and yet Ford has provided no remedies.

    Ford factory engineers worked on my truck for five days and only made it much worse and exceptionally dangerous. They (Factory Engineers) have set idle RPMs to 900 to 1200, just in order to keep it running. That alone is burning out the brakes.

    In my opinion the engineers are continuing to downplay the severity of the problem and how exceptionally dangerous it is. That may be in part because they still are not performing real world testing under the right climate conditions.

    I was told that I would receive the new CAC to solve the problem ASAP and that was two months ago! Before the Hydrolock event I could routinely get 22-23 MPG on long distance trips. Now with the bent valves from the Hydrolock I am lucky to get 14-15MPG on the exact same trips.

    • Randy,

      Thanks for commenting. While we are Toyota fans, we are also truck fans. We don’t wish any ill will toward any brand. Hopefully, Ford takes care of its customers.


      • Randy says:

        Thanks Tim,

        I too am hoping Ford will take care of its customers and honor the warranty, but after a year and specifically the last 4 months of damage from the Hydrolock event that has not been the case.

        What is shocking after Ford field engineers and the dealer worked on my truck for 5 full days, they still fail to grasp a basic understanding of the issue, nor how to fix it. They could only confirm the overload of water in the induction system-from the intercooler and beyond. They have failed to understand the climatic/driving environment that creates the problem; that is due to the fact they have not tested in real world conditions.

        Anyway just voicing my frustration with it all and Ford’s complete failure to be urgently proactively aggressive with a remedy.

        It is my opinion they will “never” have a solution for this major problem until they “actually” test for it. And because they have not tested for it, they have no solution. I have talked to them “a lot” and they are so far clueless.


        • Randy,

          Seems like this is issue is still in its infancy for Ford if you will. I’m sure when they consistently see a growing trend, a major recall with be in the works. Until then, you are like many first-gen buyers and might be stuck with it.


    • tayers8 says:

      Now that you have bridged the water event has Ford done anymore to resolve your vehicle issues. I’ve recently purchased a 2012 with a 373 axle and have yet to get consistant fuel economy. Did you experience any extended break-in issues?

  9. Scott says:

    This happened to me while traveling to Florida. I was traveling down I-75 in Georgia when I went to pass a semi that cut me off and when I hit the throttle it went limp as if it shut the engine down. During my scaring ordeal trying to get to the emergency lane I can feel it idling rough and shaking but no throttle response when depressing the pedal. It finally came too after about 15-20 seconds

  10. flash2782 says:

    i have a 2011 4×4 4 door ecoboost 87000 i live in south florida guess what i had no problems at all none nill runs great i love it when i can blow the doors of a dodge 4 door hemi lol

  11. cliff tate says:

    20,000 miles,50% towing 8000 pound 5th problems. worked for cat dealer and high output marine 3208s had this isue,hot air frome turbo ,verry cold water from raw watter aftercooler. solution seems easey block of part of after cooler. large on highway trucks use covers in extream winter cond. i had when truck was new similar isue ,it was from the fuel overflow canister when tank over filled,solved by stop when nozel clicks 1st time.

  12. Bill in Grass Valley CA says:

    This problem (going limp) happened to me several times, I found out after I activated the smart key. I deactivated the smart key and the problem went away.

  13. ALL1 says:

    I have and Ecoboost and have had the dreaded shudder when I was running my custom tune. It would misfire at quarter to half throttle every now and then. The funny part was that it would not do it on the stock tune. I took it to the dealer and it turned out to be a bad spark plug (outsourced by NGK) in cylinder 4 and 5. I also had my spark plug gap lower from .35 to .30 after reading that the new 2013’s owners manual lowered the spark plug gap from arounf .36 to .30. This was over 6 months ago and the shudder never came back. A lot of the other Ecoboost owners on the forum that had this same problem changed their spark plugs and lowered their gap had it fix the issue.

    Also, the guy that posted that the Ecoboost coolant temp is at 210 is very mislead. I use the Torque android app to monitor my coolant temps and it always stays between 190-200 normally. The highest I ever seen it was 213 degrees pulling 8,000lbs up a grade 4 two mile long hill at 70 mph in 105 Texas heat, but it quickly went back down to 190 once the thermostat kicked in. It pulled the 8,000lbs up the hill at only 2,400 rpm in 5th gear so there was no reason for it to get hot.

  14. don says:

    So glad these kinds of reports and posts are available on the web, I was all but sold on the ecoboost until this article. Glad I didnt pull the trigger on the 2013 model with the 3.5, its now time to stick with old faithful 5.0 V8 reliability and durability. Maybe in another 2 years will Ford figure all the bugs out, sounds like there ready to revamp the whole engine in 2014 models.

    • Don,

      Glad we could help you make an informed decision.


    • austin says:

      Same! Very glad.

      I hate my 2012 Tacoma Double Cab 4×4, nothing but problems, including shudder on every acceleration from 3 to 25mph. Was about to buy F150 EB Crew this weekend.

      Dodge Cummins manual trans might be in my future.

  15. on 11/26/12 returning from erie pa temp about 27 snow on the ground 8:30 pm. All was fine just had been driving at 65-70 mph for 65 minutes. all interstate. Left interstate , now on county roads 55 mph, and 25 to 35 mph. After going down hill for 1/4 mile we had to go up hill , then it happened. shuttyer, loss of power, stuck in first gear. this went on for about 1 mile. did not take notice if check light came on . was hopping not to get rearended. . i have a commericial class A license so i think i know what i’am doing out on the roads., this truck has 1800 miles on it when this took place. we bought it it had 196 miles on it from a dealer trade. i told my dealer the next day. I was told they never heard of this problem ( wow )” so now i read about the problems. Not happy at all. 11/ 29/12 / chas

  16. Alan says:

    Not sure if you guys pay much attention to diesel stuff, but the Ford 6.4L Powerstroke had the exact same issue with the Intercooler building up moisture during cruising conditions and then dumping into the intake upon acceleration. The only answer Ford ever gave owners for the problem was to buy an aftermarket Intercooler. At $1,200-1,500, I am glad I bought a Cummins instead.

  17. […] yet. I am also only averaging about 13 MPG and about 10 MPG towing my 20ft boat. Heres n article Ford F-150 EcoBoost Problems | Tundra Headquarters Blog Reply With […]

  18. Don Schuster says:

    well 12-10-12 update, truck is still at the dealer they cant seem to come up with parts, now customer service no longer returns calls, when i call i get the you need to talk with the district manager, he seems to never be at his desk or available with this approach to customer service how did they ever get to be the biggest seller of trucks? this has been going on for 6 of the 7 weeks ive owned the truck now i simply just want my purchase price refunded and i can by a real truck !!! anything but a FORD

    • Don Schuster says:

      well i got my truck back yet again, took it for a 100 mile ride, and its NOT fixed, this was the latest FIX no return calls from FORD , so disgusted and they keep dragging there feet about buying it back!!!! this is the 3rd model yr for this engine shouldnt they have the bugs out? why dont they just buyback the problem trucks before someone gets killed?

  19. Don says:

    Wow, seems Ford is doubling down on this ecoboost engine and to put it in its #1 seller the F150 could be Ford’s biggest mistake. The dealer tells me that ecoboost is out selling the V8. But I told him was that your lot is stacked 10 to 1 eco vs.V8 so does a buyer have any choices. Ford would even allow the Super Duty tow mirrors to be added to the V8 Lariats only ecoboosts so there is your answer, Ford forcing the buyer to get eco engine by loading it up with the options and making the V8 less attractive. Will Ford buyers be as loyal if there customer service is abandoning them

  20. pat says:

    Dropped my truck off on Nov. 12th with the chugging issue along with the limp mode. Dec. 19th now and now telling when I will get my truck back. Have a rental that is only covered for 10 day’s under the Ford Extended service plan after that the cost is on me. 27 days and counting that they say I will have to pay on the rental. Ford corporate made a poor attempt to buy the truck back which would require me to give them the truck and a check for $4000.00. Its a 2012 with 21,000 miles on it.I dont really want the truck back considering moisture into the ingine is not good but I cant eat the $4000.00 either. Nothing like making big payments while my truck sits in the repair shop and all I am getting told is your parts will be here next week.

  21. ALL1 says:

    Boy, you Toyota fan boys sure are scared about this little 3.5L V6 that you will go to such great lengths even making up people with problems to try and convince people not to buy the Ecoboost. Ford does not handle claims themselves as some have posted so if they say that they are going calling Ford then they are liers. The dealers handle the claims and are the middle man to fix the issue so for some claiming that the have to talk to some regional manager is a load bull. Read the forums and the web, some had this problem but all that have had it have been fixed with most just being a bad coil pack or bad (NGK)spark plug with too large of a gap If your dealership cannot diagnose & research this just by looking at the web or TSB’s then they have a bad mechanic and you need a new dealer. Ford has sold more Ecoboost motors in F-150’s than Toyota has sold Tundra’s this year so if this problem was as big as this article says it was then you would think Dan Rather would already have his late evening special about it. Grow up and quit whining because your I-Force is not the king of the hill anymore.

    • pat says:

      No fake person or experience here. I was a die hard Ford guy and still have a hard time thinking about buying another brand. But the fact of the matter is I turned my issue over to an attorney and you are wrong about how things move between dealership and corporate. My dealer has done nothing but told me to take it up with Ford corporate. I think there hands are tied waiting on a fix for the true problem which is not spark plugs. With that being said they could extend a little coutesey or simpathy which they have not. Ford corporate has already made me an offer not my dealer. To bad that offer is not good enough. I’m not looking for compensation just to break even on my lemon.

      • Don Schuster says:

        ALL1 i also have been dealing with FORD moco direct the dealers are clueless its way beyond plugs and gaps and i havent even gotten an offer yet, so if nothing from ford soon im gonna trade it on a Hemi or a Cummins and i buy vehicles for my company …… guess what no FORDS will be added to our fleet

      • ALL1 says:

        Then you needed a new dealer, not an attorney. But it is too late now that your attorney is involved. Once you go that step then you are in a hard fought battle no matter what manufacturer it is. I have worked at a Ford dealership as well as other brands and can tell you from experience. If you have a bad dealership service department then you will have a very bad experience be it a Ford, Chevy, Ram, or Toyota you buy because they all have there lemons and recalls. If your dealership has a bunch of inexperienced techs that are too lazy or ignorant to do some research (which is the case more times than you think) then take it to another dealership. I have also seen cases where people coming in screaming and acting like a-holes and service technicians purposely do as little as possible to help or solve the problem. Same goes for this who never give the dealership’s service department business and expecting people to go the extra-extra mile for them. Most of the time when you have a history with a dealer’s service department of spending your money with them and being nice then when stuff like this happens, they will go out of their way for you more than just anybody because you give them business and they know you. If you don’t give them jack(not even your oil change business) and act like an a-hole, then expect the same in return regardless of the manufacturer they sell for.

        • Anonymous says:

          I’m not sure what service you have done on your vehicles that are 9 months old other then oil changes but those have been done at the dealer. Other then a battery that neede to be replaced I had no reason to be at the dealer up and above that. If buying a $45,000.00 dollar truck with a bumper to bumper warranty also requires me to go to the dealer and spend additional money up and above that then maybe your right. Maybe its my fault that my truck has been there (6) week’s while they wait on parts. That is the story from the people mad at me for only spending $45,000.00 dollars with them and the people that supplied them with the defective vehicle “Corporate”. I have been working with the dealer and the folk’s at Ford patiently until about the last week. I havent been in there dealership acting lika as you say an “A-Hole”. On the contrary, that is how they have been acting.
          I understand that all of the manufactures have some bad vehicles. But you just cant take a customers vehicle for this long and attemt to try to charge them $30.00 a day for rental and leave the end outcome open ended. At some point they need to realize there is an issue and address it and move on.
          You see I have a need for this vehicle and here in Michigan winter has arrived and the time is now that I need it most. I’m not sure where at Ford you work but since its obvious that you do at some level why dont you quit wasting your time defending them on this site and get to work fixing my truck.


  22. Anonymous says:

    I’m with the other guy. I dont see anything in my manual that say’s I get a free loaner if my vehicle will be in service for more then 48 hours. But I do see in the “Premium” Extended Service brochure that I am covered for 10 day’s only. I have to admit that I did not read that until after my vehicle was there for more then 3 weeks which is when I suspected I was in trouble. That was a little late. Well its 6 weeks and counting and they still havent “gapped” the plugs right.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Well I finally was able to pick my truck up on the 26th. Wow (6) weeks later. I drove the truck about 60 miles thru a snow storm with no problems. Then on the 27th as the rodes were cleared up I was able to actually accelerate and drive at highway speeds. Well I can say I was not supprised. Once up to speed for a short time as I began to accelerate to pass another car the truck began to shudder once again. Nice…. After (6) weeks of waiting only to get the same p.o.s. back. Truly unbelievable. I’m speachless.

  24. Greg says:

    I have the same problem with my EcoBoost coming home to Houston from Dallas on Christmas. I was trying to pass a POS Chevy at 75 mph when the EcoBoost shut down. Engine Light came on. I had always detested Fords my entire life and at the age of 49 was sold on the hype of the EcoBoost. Rest assured I will be selling my Fix Or Repair Daily long before the warranty runs out! Back to my Nissans, Toyotas and Hondas! I should have never broke my own rule not to buy American again. I’ve owned GM vehicles, total pieces of crap as are the European makes. I’ve also began documenting my problems with Ford and catching them in lies. My attorneys and I have begun working on the beginnings of a class action. Hey Ford, make sure you don’t destroy any records relating to design, testing, and production of the 3.5L EcoBoost! We’re coming for you!

  25. eric says:

    My 2011 ecoboost and has 59000 miles on it. It is also sitting in the dealers repair lot waiting on a new intercooler. The truck is completely un-drivable as it bucks like a horse when you step on the gas. I live in a very dry climate…the foothills and mountains of Colorado. I use the truck to tow a variety of work trailers a couple of time a month for a total of about 100 miles of towing/month. My ability to work is compromised, ford has not agreed to pay for a rental vehicle and i am getting seriously ticked off. It has been out of action for a month and they are saying it might be 2 more months before a part is available and, no one is saying that a new part is going to fix the problem. THIS IS RIDCULOUS!! what the heck is wrong with Ford on this issue?

  26. Ken wilke says:

    I have suffered the total engine shut down one time… While pulling on to a busy Interstate access road. It almost left a major pile of metal sitting on the right of way and you know my insurance would end up paying.

    I have the shudder sometimes.

    My issues seem to be related. Here are the symptoms:
    – about a week or two after getting the truck 2 very noticeable things occurred all at once:
    1 the mileage went for avg 19 to avg 15, now it’s down to 13
    2 the cool “turbowhine” went from obvious to anyone in the cab to a faint whisper
    – I also started noticing white smoke/steam in the exhaust when it’s not even when it’s not cold outside.
    – once in a while it will chug black smoke upon startup and for a few miles… Like diesel…
    – pulling only about 5000 lbs, my mileage was avg about 5mpg…. And that was in no wind, flat-as-a-pancake 50 mile slice of Kansas in about 75 degree dry weather the brake-in period in my manual… That I read cover to cover.

    So much for then”Eco” friendly engine! I complained but they wouldn’t do anything claimed it was the “active driver learning system” and all was perfect with the engine. I drove an Expedition with a 5.4 with 197000 miles that I trusted more than this POS… And Ford dealer could care less.

    If you get that class action filed, please look me up!


    • Jesse says:


      We’ve had the same issues over last couple weeks with our Ecoboost.

      Ford chalked it up as a “relearning” problem after they reset the transmission computer. On the second attempt, they installed a data recorder which we were able to use to capture computer data surrounding incidents.

      This issue has placed us in harms way a number of time when pulling out of parking lots onto busy streets when it happens. It’s our family vehicle, often with two kids in the back.

      Please contact me if there is a class action. I will be seeking a buy back if this issue cannot be resolved in a reasonable amount of time. For now, I am keeping a log of symptoms and our communication with service dept.

      Best of luck to you all.

  27. mack says:

    have same problems you guys are having,i would love for ford to take my 20011 echo boost back. i know this will not happen.please keep me truck will go to the dealer tomorrow.last think is truck now miss between 20-55 mph.i am being told that they need to fool the transmission to shift in a lower gear at these speeds.????

  28. Anonymous says:

    I live in Michigan and my F-150 has had the shudder since the day I bought it. It was hot and dry all year with record low humidity. Fuel economy is less than my last three F-350s , it struggles to get 14 mpg on a 200 mile trip @ 65 mph. Not what you should get for a 50K price tag. It’s been back for this issue three times.

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  30. TFW says:

    In April 2011 I purchased a F-150 Eco Boost. On at least two occassions the motor has laid down on me while passing on two lane roads. It is not a warm fuzzy experience when this happens. I have 36,000 miles on the truck and have had no further problems. I do like the rest of you guys have long range concerns about this vehicle.

  31. Rance Junge says:

    Wow I just bought a brand new 2013 Ford Explorer Sport with the 3.5 EB engine. Love the way it drives but in driving it home from the dealer in a bad rain storm of swirling winds for 150 miles it ran perfect. I even got 24.6 mpg for part of the trip. Stopped at my mothers house to eat & show her the new car. It sat there for 2 hours. Hopped in to give her a ride over to the hwy & stepped on the gas to merge in with traffic & it just bogged! engine light came on & it just stumbled along in limp mode. Yikes I have only 163 miles on it! Drove 5 miles like that & it went away. Called the Ford dealer I bought it from & asked if I should take it to the nearest dealer?

    He said it should be covered by warranty & he would have to check to see if it would cost anything??? Hope I made the right choice in buying this Ford?

    • Anonymous says:

      you know this limp mode has happened to me a few times, and once almost got creamed by a transport. but still I f.n love my truck, one thing I did do is put the bumper insert in, like that grill thing to protect the cooler, and I haven’t had the problem since.

  32. paul says:

    Has toyota ever addressed the tundra bed shake.Some of the videos on youtube show the truck shaking so badly child seats have became losened.I have rode in 2 and the shake on rough rds are dangerous at any speed it seems like. My neighbors tundra shook the tool box lose on a trip up north.Will the 2014 tundra address this issue?

  33. Canada says:

    I bought a 2011 F150 EcoBoost, had it for eight months, and had all the above problems! The dealer consistently told me “everything is normal”, from the white smoke, collapsed passengers frame, staggering engine, rattling window,tailgate falling off, weather strip falling off, front end vibrations,lack of engine excelleration, water not draining in bed, bad fuel consumption. Took a four thousand loss and traded it in for a Nissan Titan, very happy since except for the fuel consumption. Rather pay more in fuel than deal with these problems! Good Luck to you all!


  34. Curt says:

    I have 72000 miles on my f 150 exteded cab Ecco boost I live in NJ and my truck shutters and shuts down about 2 to 3 times a month will ford fix this problem? I am getting 13 mpg I traded in a 2010 4 door 8′ bed F 250 in the interest of better mpg but even with a smaller cab smaller bed lighter truck it is no better then the 4 door 8′ bed F250 I had

  35. Andrew says:

    Check out my comment on Ford Canada Facebook.

    Exactly same problems. Have been waiting for my truck for a month now. Not even an estimated parts delivery date yet from Ford Canada.

    This is BS.

  36. […] like symptoms of the exact same thing when driving in wet conditions and going wot. sources Ford F-150 EcoBoost Problems | Tundra Headquarters Blog F150 EcoBoost Shudder Fix Confirmed | Tundra Headquarters Blog if this is the case will removing […]

  37. Enclosed trailer says:

    I have had my f150 XLT supercrew with 3.73 gear and eccoboost engine for over a year. It pulls great. My trailer with the show car weighs 7300 pounds. No problems and I have have 18,000 miles on it. I have 4 other friends that have the eccoboost in their f150’s and none of us has even heard of this problem. Maybe it’s a floor mat causing it.

  38. Kelly says:

    Even though I don’t think I live in the troubled areas that this problem is occurring, I just experienced this problem. Wasn’t sure what it was. I had left my vehicle for three while I was on holidays. I live in a cold climate and when I got back from holidays the second day I drove the truck, as I was going up a hill I accelerated and the engine shuttered and went into limp home mode driving at a low speed with no RPMs my dealer has blamed it on a faulty has pedal sensor. ???

    • Blair says:

      Thanks Kelly: I live in a cold climate and have a 2011 F150 Ecoboost as well. During the last 3 months I have been experiencing problems of truck going into a sort of limp mode with no power braking ability whenI first start the truck up and go down the hill of my driveway. Have you noticed your truck having no power braking as well? Thanks, Blair

  39. Don Schuster says:

    well after numerous attemps by FORD all of the upgrades included i still owned a stumbling piece of crap, Ford would not buy it back or help with replacement… so i did what what anyone wanting to maintain my sanity would do i bit my lip traded it off (with only 2800 miles) on a new RAM hemi….. i should have bought this truck in the first place, all about FORD and their customer service is a JOKE they will never have me as a costumer again!!

  40. Clay says:

    I purchased a 2013 F-150 Eco Boost in January of 2013, and just experienced this problem. It is unacceptable, especially if they are recommending towing capability. I did not have a trailer hitched, but if I did would have been more fired up.

    Was heading up a hill with cruize control set at 60mph. I live in iowa, so there are humid days and dry days. As soon as my tach hit 2600rpm, the shuddering began. Then I rapidly lost power and the engine went into limp mode. I had to pull over and turn the damn thing off. Then it was fine until the next hill. Did the same thing again.

    Ford has a big problem with this. I am getting rid of mine.

    • Clay says:


      I took my truck to the shop and they found that ignition coil on cylinder #1 was faulty. Other than that and a bad spark plug, have been happy with my 3.5 ecoboost f150 ever since. I am concerned about frequency of these issues, but am convinced to keep it as it pulls my boat very nicely without even noticing it is behind me.

  41. roger gray says:

    I have the 2012 eco bust as well. I live in Tx. On my way to College Station Tx. I tried to pass a car in a 60 mph 2 lane road. When I excelerated to pass the tuck shut down as I was side by side with the car. I then had another car coming at me. It was all I could do to get around the car and get on the shoulder. I had my wife and my mother in the truck with me. It took a few minutes to gain my composer. I then tried to excellerate again. Same problem. I guess ford does not want you to pass any one. I want out of this peace of crap. I had taken it in twice already. The same answer each time, the computer show it to be working fine. The last time they told me they were aware of the missing problem but was not informing any of the owner. What a cheap shot to ford owners. I’m going today and see if I can get any satisfaction from the dealer. I know I want, but its worth a try. I they would put me in a v8 I would be on my merry way and ford would never see me again. Then they could sell the eco bust to someone in the northern states.

  42. The Bobba says:

    I have a 2011 F150 with 54000 miles and the Ford dealer in Newnan Ga has replaced a coil on three different occcasions because my truck was skipping. It has never gone into limp mode. They also replaced the catalitic converter saying raw fuel had ruined the converter. They have offered loaner cars on every occasion.
    The dealer called today and told me to bring the truck in and they were going to replace the cooler and maybe this will be the fix. I sure hope so because I love this truck,it is four wheel drive and if I stay around 70 MPH it gets 21 MPG. This is good for a full size four door truck. None of the maintance has cost me a penny. The Ford dealer in Newnan has been great in trying to get everything worked out for me. All Ford dealers are not created equal. I lucked out and got a good one….The Bobba..

    • The Bobba,

      I’d call the theme of your comment, find a good dealer. We can’t stress that enough to people looking to buy any truck or car, you are shopping the dealer just as much as you are shopping for a new vehicle.

      That’s great you found one you liked!


  43. gary thacker says:

    I have a 2012 f1504x4 with ecoboost. the dealer replaced the cooler . The problem did not go away,it still shudders and it stalls out when you accelerate hard. It is now starting not to down shift when you pull out from traffic light.I have been a ford truck owner for over 40 years , this ecoboost has me looking at chevys if they don’t come up with a fix soon.

  44. […] a good article on the Ecoboost problem including the fixes HERE The problem has a cure, a diverted on the inlet tract, a new design CAC and a software update to […]

  45. Nomoretundra says:

    I sold my Tundra after having it fit 9 months because it just could not pull my enclosed car trailer very well. I purchased a 2013 f150 with the ecoboost and 373 gear. It has been great. No issues. This truck is a work horse that rides like a luxury car.

  46. canada says:

    I just bought a 2013 F-150 eco. It seems to run fine but the back bumper is rubbing paint off the box of my truck on the passenger side and they tell me that I got hit by another vehicle but yet I cant find a mark on my bumper and its aligned with box of the truck. Any ideas?

  47. John says:

    I’m not on any trucks side. I think they all have good and bad parts about them depending on the persons likes and dislikes, but I have to wonder. There are 95 to 98 complaints to NHTSA for the ecoboost issue of shaking and limp mode. Every website I have been on dealing with trucks has this topic in it with lots of people saying they have had this issue with their truck. With that said there should be hundreds of complaints to the NHTSA. There is no way this many people are having this issue with only 98 complaints on record. If that is the case all you hundreds of people out there with issues need to contact the BBB or NHTSA and get the word out. It just seems strange to me!

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      I would have to agree. The problem definitely seems larger than 98 people.


  48. Mike G says:

    I have a new 2013 Ford F150 Ecoboost. It has 6000 miles on it. It is currently in the shop for the second time, due to the same limp mode problem. A Ford Engineer came to the Dealership to look at my truck. They now are saying that their is a history of cracked spark plugs and the error reported a misfire on #6 cylinder and a problem with one of the Catalytic converters.. They are replacing the catalytic converter. The dealer offered no loaner vehicle. Anybody want to buy a slightly used Ford 150 Platinum truck that had a $55,000 window sticker, that can only be driven on dry days.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      Wow, that stinks. A $55k truck with just 6,000 miles on it shouldn’t have that much trouble. And no loaner vehicle, for shame!


  49. John Clausen says:

    I own a 2012 f-150 with the ecoboost, purchased August 2012. Had no probs for first couple months. On a rainy evening I pulled out to pass from low speed around 40 mph, the engine coughed and sputtered for about 10 seconds. It seemed like much longer, the check engine light came on, but eventually the engine smoothed out. I called and made a appointment to have it looked at. On the way to the dealer the same thing happened. The dealer found a engine misfire code and did the software update. Later they installed the baffle and so far no more stalling. HOWEVER- the truck seems like it has less pickup and the gas mileage is a little bit less. I still need to take it back to the dealer and maybe have them restore the software to original.

  50. John Clausen says:

    Another issue I’ve notice on my f-150 ecoboost is the smell of hot oil in the vent system. Also when I check the oil the oil cap smells like fuel. Very odd, the service tech at the dealer said that is very common for that engine because of the direct injection and the turbos? The oil smells fine not like its contaminated with fuel.

    • Wayne Larsen says:

      I have an issue similiar..Pull the dipstick to check oil level and instead of the level being the full mark (top of hatch line), it’s at the crook on the stick about every 4 weeks.. which relates to a half to three quarters of a liter overfull..The oil reeks of fuel, so, drain the oil, change the filter and wait until it is overfull again..The mileage sucks, the shudder is intermitent. Ford has had some high pressure pumps leaking and fuel injector leaks..My pump was change November 12, 2013 and I’ve had to change oil twice since that hopeful repair.. Ford supposedly still has no answer to this. Start up and go– stumble, die, fall on face, then eventually cleans up and can drive normal. Anyone else with this issue??? Fuel mileage varies from 13.8 liters/100 to 18 liters/100, at about 90 to 95 kph. Ontario, Canada

  51. Anonymous says:

    I have a 2012 fx4 ecoboost, last thursday the truck went into limp mode. Called my dealer and he suggested I call ford roadside assistance. That was a BIG mistake !!!! The tow truck was suppose to pick me up at 9 am didn’t show up untill noon. They were suppose to take the truck to my dealer All American Ford in Paramus NJ. When I called the dealer the next day to find out what was wrong with my truck they said it was not dropped off there. After calling Ford roadside assist they determined that the tow truck driver dropped the truck off at my dealer but forgot to check the truck in. So my 50000 dollar truck was left in a parking lot in paramus NJ with the key in the ignition. Ford Roadside assistance isn’t worta a shi*.
    My truck is still at the dealer. They want to test drive it to determine what is wrong with it. I will definately suggest that they refer to this sight. I did get a loaner car after a lot of complaining . I’m a contractor and my truck is my business. I am now driving a Ford escape, I wonder how many sheets of plywood it can hold!! Not a very happy ford customer. This is the 2nd time my truck has been in for service. The first time they replaced my catalytic converter. 28000miles on truck now and I went from 18 mpg to 13mpg SHAME ON FORD All owners should get together and park our trucks in protest clogging up dealerships if only we could get them out of limp mode!!!!!

    • Tim Esterdahl says:

      That stinks! While, we like the Tundra, we feel the pain other people have when dealing with poor service.


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  53. elfiero says:

    All of the above is why I scrapped my idea of buying the Ecoboost, and went with the 5.0 coyote motor instead. I’m getting 13.5mpg in pure city driving. No hair dryers, no direct injection, no cyl. deactivation- just a plain old MPFI V8.

  54. Cory says:

    My ecoboost has been perfect. 31,000 miles in 1 year.. It will whoop about any pickup out there and i have averaged 17.9 during the 31k miles.. Get 19 to 20mpg regularly and have even seen 22.1 before.. I have proof also for my mpg.

  55. DENIS RONAN says:

    Own a 2013 f-150 platinum model live in boston area.experienced motor shut down on highway during winter . happened only once. brought truck to dealer very next day,they claimed no code showed up during testing.they could not find anything wrong.I explained that it felt like ice or water in fuel system.Still no answer. Was instructed to continue driving truck and if it happened again to bring it right in for diagnosis. Has not happened again as of this comment,but am very worried about situation. Ford dealer pretty much had no answer ,even though this appears to be an on going situatioin with other f-150 trucks. Are they waiting for someone to die before they take action?

  56. Cole says:

    Bought my 13 Ecobeast and its sitting at 48k miles.. Not one problem what so ever. 21 mpg on the highway 19 mixed 17 city.. Towed 6300 lbs and got 13.0 mpg.

  57. Cole says:

    And 0 to 60 in 5.5 seconds and quarter mile at 13.6.. Try to keep up Tundra Fan Boys

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