Dodge Park to Reverse Lawsuit – Sad Story

An Arvada, Colorado man is suing Chrysler over a “park to reverse” issue that he says contributed to the death of his wife. This is just a sad story all around.

Dodge Park to Reverse Lawsuit - Sad Story

2003 Dodge 2500 trucks have an known “park to reverse” flaw. It is the subject of a new lawsuit.

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ArkPak Portable Power When and Where You Need It – Product Review

For many outdoor enthusiasts, portable power is a pain point. You can invest in a gas-powered generator to run campsite accessories, etc., but that’s a loud and expensive way to go. You can also plug things into your vehicle, but that only works if you don’t have much to plugin. You wouldn’t want to leave a camp fridge plugged into your vehicle all day long without fearing a dead battery.

If you’re interested in a power source for a campsite (or for tailgating) that offers more than just plugging into your car – but that doesn’t require the investment or hassle of a real generator – read on.

ArkPak Portable Power When You Need It - Product Review

The ArkPak provides portable power when and where you need it. It is a pretty cool piece of equipment for campers, tailgaters, and could even serve as a power source in a home emergency.

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2013 Toyota 4Runner Limited Review – Larger Yet Still Capable

Editor’s note: Many people have been asking for other Toyota product reviews. Tim had a 2013 4Runner back in September and here is his review of it. Also, note the 2014 is out and Tim will be getting a trail edition in two weeks.

Many off-roaders recall the 4Runners of yesteryear, the stalwart machines that literally could take a beating and still going. The new crop of 4Runners is certainly larger and has more features than those older models. The big question for the latest 4Runners is: are they just as capable? Are they still a good off-road option? Here is my review.

2013 Toyota 4Runner Limited Review - Still Capable

The 2013 4Runner has a boxy, yet strong looking exterior.

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A Real Lightning McQueen Powerwheel

In the spirit of Christmas, we thought we would re-run this story about a cool dad and one special present.

As Dad’s we want to give our kids everything and we are disappointed when their favorite toys wear out especially their favorite Lightning McQueeen racing car. What happens though when we are mechanically inclined Dad’s? Well … then, we simply tear it down and make it better, of course! Check out the video for one motorized, modified car that even goes off-road.

YouTube Preview Image

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Chicken Tax Controversy – Has Its Time Come?

There has been quite a lot of conversation lately in automotive circles about the chicken tax possibly ending and what the future of trucks would look like if it did. If you aren’t aware of the controversy, here is what is going on and possible implications.

Chicken Tax Controversy - Has It's Time Come?

Ford has circumvented the Chicken Tax tariff by importing the Transit Connect van and then modifying it. This practice could come to an end.

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