2015 GMC Canyon Revealed – What You Need to Know

GM has released the details on its new 2015 GMC Canyon. Is this truck strong enough to change up the mid-size truck market? Nope, but it does have some features that every truck buyer will appreciate.

2015 GMC Canyon Revealed - What You Need to Know

The new 2015 GMC Canyon extended cab.

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Union Plans Vote at Canadian Toyota Plants – Big Deal or No

Canada’s largest union is reportedly planning on holding a vote in the coming year that could unionize two Toyota plants in that country. While the UAW has a checkered history in the U.S., would a Canadian unionized Toyota plant be a good or bad thing?

Union Plans Vote at Canadian Toyota Plants - Big Deal or No

Unifor plans to call for a union vote at two Toyota Canada plants including this plant in Cambridge, Ontario.

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Ford’s Aluminum Body 2015 F150: Is 30mpg Worth The Risks?

I feel sorry for the decision-makers at Ford. I’m not bagging on Ford (for the record, I think they deserve a hell of a lot of credit for being so bold), but their decision to use aluminum extensively in the upcoming F150 is the result of a terrible choice.

Ford Atlas Concept Truck

Ford’s Atlas concept, a preview of the aluminum F150 set to debut early next week.

By my reckoning, Ford had only two options when it came to designing the next-gen F150:

Option #1 – Keep building the same great tried-and-true steel truck while using an increasing variety of tricks and fancy systems to squeeze out a few more MPG’s, or;

Option #2 – Take a big risk and be the first automaker to make a truck that extensively uses light-weight materials.

While option #2 is the most logical – weight loss is the best way to improve fuel economy and meet government-mandated fuel economy requirements – it’s easily the worst best choice available. I have no doubt that the first generation of aluminum F150s will be universally disliked by truck owners in the decades to come. This is not a commentary on Ford’s engineering talent. This is the inexorable conclusion I’ve been lead to based on all the available data. If you keep reading, I expect you’ll come to the same conclusion. Read more…

Pickup Made From Ice – You Can Drive It Too

Have you heard about the pickup made of ice? It has gotten a lot of attention lately because it is really cool (and we mean cool) and you can actually drive it. Check it out.

Pickup Made From Ice - You Can Drive It Too

This ice truck is a really cool PR stunt.

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What Your Toyota Trade In is REALLY Worth

UPDATE: This year, Ford is gearing up to release an all-new truck at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show (Tim will be there on January 13 and 14). With this in mind, we thought it would be fun to rehash this article about trade in value.

One of the benefits of buying a new Tundra is that it is consistently at the top of the industry in terms of resale value. All things being equal, a Tundra holds it’s value as well as or better than an F150, Ram, or Silverado/Sierra – at least according to studies released by KBB.com, Edmunds.com, AOL autos, and many others over the last few years. As a result of all this positive press, many Tundra owners expect top dollar for their trucks…but how does a Tundra owner figure out what their truck is really worth?

What Your Trade is REALLY Worth

With new pickups on the market, are you ready to trade in your old one? Here is the skinny on how it works.

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