Insurance Data Says F150 Best, Nissan Titan Worst

The IIHS (Insurance Institue for Highway Safety) is an impartial source of vehicle safety info, such as crash test data, insurance loss rates, and more. Yesterday, the IIHS website shared some information about average loss rates by vehicle make and model, separately reporting loss rates on collisions, personal injury claims, etc. You can view the data for yourself here.

F150 insurance loss rates

Is the F150 the safest truck on the road? Based on the below-average collision and property damage loss rates, it certainly could be.

However, if you want the long and short of it, the data boils down to this: The F150 has the lowest loss rates, and the Nissan Titan has absolutely the worst. The Tundra is about average. Read more…

Ford EcoBoost Turbo Replacement Cost? About $2250

Every truck guy knows that Ford has the EcoBoost engine and they also know that Ford has been really, really successful selling EcoBoost engines. Ford truck buyers like the power and fuel economy ratings, and most critics have praised Ford for developing the next great thing in pickup truck powertrains.

However, what happens when the EcoBoot turbochargers fail – 1) how much do they cost to fix? 2) Is EcoBoost worth buying in the first place?

The short answers: 1) $2,250 2) Probably not…it takes a long, long time to break even. Read more for the details.

Ford EcoBoost - Costly?

Ford’s EcoBoost system is a best seller – but how much does it cost when the turbochargers fail?

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Paint Chip on Hood Due to Grille Contact – TSB

If you own a 2010-2012 Toyota Tundra with a chrome grille, you may want to take a closer look at the corner edges of your hood for paint chips or rub marks. If you notice anything, it may be wise to bring your Tundra to your local Toyota service department.

Paint Chip on Hood Due to Grille Contact - TSB

Do you have paint chips on your hood (1)? If so, you can get it fixed with this TSB.

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The Performance Accessories Premium Body Lift Kit for the Toyota Tundra

Toyota Tundra owners are faced with a huge number of options when it comes to adding a lift kit to their truck. What a lot of Tundra fans quickly realize is that some lift kits are a lot more involved than others in terms of the modifications that are required to the vehicle’s suspension system.  Aggressive lift kits have their place in the Tundra world, especially amongst drivers who need to negotiate difficult off-road conditions on a regular basis, but what about those who simply want to add a set of bigger wheels and tires without dramatically altering how their pickup drives?

Performance Accessories Premium Lift Kit

The Perfomance Accessories lift installed.

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2007-12 Toyota Tundra Front Brake Vibration – TSB

Owners of Toyota Tundra trucks might have heard about the front brake vibration problem. It was originally a problem with first generation Tundras and mismatched brake calipers. Newer truck owners for years have assumed the issue didn’t apply to them. However, if you have a Tundra manufactured between 2007 and 2012, a new Toyota Service Bulletin, TSB 0131-12, has been released regarding front brake vibration possibly occurring at high speeds.

2007-12 Toyota Tundra Front Brake Vibration - TSB

Does your 2007-12 Toyota Tundra have a front brake vibration during high speeds? If so, then get it fixed with this TSB.

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