Understanding Weight Distributing Hitch Systems

Anyone who has ever spent any time towing is familiar with the scary sensation of trailer sway. Trailer sway occurs when the load that you are pulling behind your truck begins to move from side to side of its own accord, eventually creating a pendulum-like effect where the trailer oscillates from one side of the lane to the other. Getting a swaying trailer back under control involves creative steering and braking inputs and nerves of steel, and it’s a situation that most towers strive to avoid at all costs.

Weight distributing hitch system.

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Toyota Tundra Goes Fishing – 2012 SEMA Show Preview

The 2012 SEMA show in Las Vegas, NV will feature several heavily,.modified trucks and this year’s October show is no different. One of these trucks will be Bassmaster Elite Series pro angler Britt Myers’ Toyota Tundra CrewMax. Called the “Ultimate Fishing Tundra,” it is sure to be a catch.

Toyota Tundra  2012 SEMA Show Preview

Professional angler Britt Myers is building the “Ultimate Fishing Tundra” that will be on display at the 2012 SEMA show in Las Vegas, NV. It will take the idea of the Tundra as a fisherman’s truck to the max.

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Understanding MetoKote E-Coating for the Toyota Tundra

Corrosion is a concern for any owner of the Toyota Tundra who happens to live in the Rust Belt – that grouping of states in which heavy winter salt use combined with prolonged exposure to moisture can make a mess of steel body panels, frames and suspension components. One of the technologies that is used to fight against encroaching rust is electrocoating or e-coating, a process which while prevalent is not always prominent in the minds of truck owners.

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Warranty Work Beware – True Story of Unethical Dealer

When Toyota sends out a warranty notice like a technical service bulletin, most owners assume a dealer will simply fix the problem. The thought of being “taken” during these types of repairs is most likely low. Don’t be foolish. Keep your guard up even when getting warranty work done. When it comes to repair work — especially in a field as precise as auto mechanics — there is always someone willing to take advantage of those less knowledgeable.

Warranty Work Beware - True Story of Unethical Dealer

Just because it is warranty work doesn’t mean you should relax your guard when working with your dealership.

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Unable to Remove Key When in Park – TSB

Toyota has released a Technical Service Bulletin for an odd situation where you might have a problem removing your key after putting your truck in park and turning off the engine. The problem is limited to 2010-2012 Tundra models with a column shift automatic transmission/transaxle with a column shifter.

Unable to Remove Key When in Park - TSB

Does your key get “stuck” in your 2010-2012 Toyota Tundra? If so, Toyota has a fix for this odd problem.

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