The “F” in Ford Stands for “Fleet” – Ford Fleet Sales Lead Industry

When Ford and GM owners brag about sales figures to somehow “prove” their trucks are the best available, I say three things:

  1. Consumers aren’t always rational – They don’t necessarily buy the “best” car or truck on the market. There’s a lot of emotion in car purchases.
  2. Sales figures are influenced by a variety of factors – From incentives to geography to politics to a consumer’s previous experiences. You can’t study them in a vacuum.
  3. Fleet sales – Ford and GM roll massive numbers of fleet trucks into their sales figures.

I’m going to focus on #3 right now (you can read more about #1 and #2 here).

The news today is that almost one-third of Ford’s sales are to fleets, which are defined by convention as companies owning at least 15 trucks. Chrysler-Fiat? 30% GM? Just 26%.

Here are fleet sales numbers for the first quarter of 2012, courtesy of Automotive News (subs. req’d): Read more…

Bad Day at the Car Dealership

We all have had those days when we daydream of taking our frustrations out. And in the fact that the frustration is a car dealership and quite often, we don’t have pleasant thoughts. In case you were wondering what those “unpleasant” thoughts may look like, check out the video below.

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Huntington Beach Lifeguard Toyota Tundra

Huntington Beach lifeguarding has always been a “cool” job with all the scenic views. Add that to the ability to drive around in a full-sized Toyota Tundra, it is┬ádefinitely┬áthat much cooler.

Lifeguard Toyota Tundra

One sweet looking Toyota Tundra to cruise the beaches while checking out the scenic views.

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Toyota CEO Jim Lentz Speaks at N.Y. Auto Show

Toyota’s Jim Lentz, President and CEO of Toyota spoke about the auto maker at the 2012 New York International Auto Show. Here is a quick recap of what he said according to

Toyota CEO Speaks at N.Y. Auto Show

Toyota CEO Jim Lentz spoke about Toyota's past and future at the N.Y. auto show.

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2013 Hemi Ram 1500 To Get 25mpg?

A re-engineered Dodge Ram, in showrooms in the third quarter, is expected to feature a host of fuel-saving features that could mean it might be able to achieve 25mpg. Or will it?

2013 Hemi Ram 1500 To Get 25mpg?

It looks like a new Ram 1500 could get 25mpg. Albeit, in a regular cab, V6 configuration.

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