SoundRacer V8 Simulator – Should Have Bought A V8

Ever close your eyes at the stop light and fantasize about trading in your vehicle for the throaty rumble of that muscle car you always told yourself you’d buy?  Someone out there has finally found a way to fulfill that fantasy – but you’re still going to have to keep your eyes closed.

Say hello to the SoundRacer, which will make a Dodge Neon sound like a Ferrari. Kind of.

YouTube Preview Image

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Toyota Trucks Dominate 2012 Consumer Reports Reliability Rankings

Consumer Reports have released their 2012 Annual Auto Survey and once again Toyota dominates the rankings with both trucks finishing 1-2. And once again the so-called “Domestic Brands” are struggling to catch up.

Toyota Trucks Dominate Consumer Reports Reliability Rankings

Toyota continues to dominate the Consumer Reports Reliability Rankings with both trucks getting top honors.

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Silicone Hoses For Your Ride? Pros and Cons

Silicone hoses are a great quick way to add color to your engine bay, but their appeal goes beyond aesthetics. Silicone hoses reduce the risk of catastrophic hose and cooling system failure, as they have a higher burst strength than normal rubbing hoses.

If you’re considering making the switch from OEM to silicone radiator hoses, here are the pros and cons of making the switch.

Mishimoto Silicone Hoses Installed

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Tundra Towing Shuttle Bumper Sticker Available

Feeling proud of your Toyota Tundra now that it towed the space shuttle. Want to show off that pride? has developed a cool bumper sticker to display on your truck. Go ahead, give those “other” guys something to look at.

Tundra Towing Shuttle Bumper Sticker

Want to get in on Toyota’s hugely successful space shuttle tow? Order a bumper sticker and then send us a photo.

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Featured Truck – Black and White Custom 2000 Toyota Tundra

Quite often we see fully customized Toyota Tundra pickups on their way to some car show or SEMA show. But, what about taking an older ride and simply cleaning it up (a lot!)? That’s what James H did with his 2000 Toyota Tundra. It is one clean, cool looking Tundra.

Featured Truck - Black and White Custom 2000 Toyota Tundra

This truly black and white 2000 Toyota Tundra has received lots of TLC from its owner.

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