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Ask Unichip: Tuners For The Tundra 4.6 and 4.0?

Not all wrenching on the Toyota Tundra gets done with an actual wrench. The complex computer systems that manage the Tundra’s engine are a ripe source for unlocking extra horsepower. Somewhat conservatively-tuned from the factory, the Tundra has attracted attention from aftermarket chip manufacturers and programmers intent on squeezing every last drop of potential from the vehicle’s drivetrain. However, only Unichip offers a tuner for the Tundra.

Toyota Tundra unichip tuner

The first part of our interview with Unichip

We were given the opportunity to interview Jack Friedman from Unichip, one of the authorities in ECU tuning. Unichip has been in business for more than 15 years, and during that time the company has maintained a strong presence supporting the many different engines offered in the Tundra. Jack provided us with an almost overwhelming amount of information concerning the ins and outs of Tundra tuning, and we’ll be sharing that info in a series of posts that should help Toyota Tundra owners get a better understanding of the ECU tuning process.

BakFlip Tonneau Cover For The Toyota Tundra

Lockable tonneau covers available for the Toyota Tundra have traditionally been divided into two camps: those that lift up as a single piece, and those that are divided into three or more compartments that can be individually opened to access a specific portion of the cargo bed. Either style of tonneau cover features one big drawback: they must be completely removed in order to haul large cargo that is sits taller than the sides of the truck bed.

BakFlip tonneau Toyota Tundra

The BakFlip is one of the slickest tonneau covers you can buy for your Tundra

BAK has come up with a very innovative way to enjoy a locking tonneau cover and still preserve the ability to easily load up your Tundra with oversized items. The product is called the BakFlip tonneau cover, and at first glance it appears to be a standard segmented tonneau cover that offers three separate lockable compartments in the truck bed. However, on closer inspection it becomes clear that the BakFlip is unlike any other tonneau cover currently available on the market.

Spyder Industries Offers Unique Headache Racks for the Tundra

There’s no doubt you have seen a ‘headache rack’ installed on someone else’s truck at least once in your life. These racks, which are mounted across front edge of a pickup bed and which create a lattice of steel bars that overlays a truck’s rear window, are found in many different shapes and sizes, and feature a wide variety of designs.

Spyder spider web headache rack

Spyder Industries' spider web headache rack

While some headache racks might look purely ornamental, appearances can be deceiving. These grilles are so named due to their ability to protect window glass as well as anyone inside a truck from having a nasty one-on-one encounter with any cargo that might be loose in their truck bed, whether as the result of a sudden stop, a broken strap, or an accident.

Sulastic Rubber Springs and Tundra Bed Bounce

Many Tundra owners have found that their truck suffers from something we call “bed bounce,” which can be very pronounced and uncomfortable for some Tundra owners at highway speeds.

Note that we emphasized the word ‘some.’ Many Tundra owners report their trucks ride perfectly fine, while others say the ride is very harsh. Here at TundraHeadquarters, we’ve noticed an overall decline in the number of complaints after the 2008 model year, which might seem to indicate that 09′ and 10′ Tundras don’t have the same problem.

If your Tundra suffers from bed bounce, there are a few solutions.

Toyota Faux Burl Wood Dash Kit For The Tundra – Vote

Toyota’s faux burl wood dash applique might just dress-up the interior of your Tundra or 2008+ Sequoia – if you’re into the wood grain look, that is.

A Tundra with a faux burl wood grain dash kit

A Tundra with a faux burl wood grain dash kit

The kit is basically four to six pieces of plastic trim (depending on cab), and each trim piece has genuine 3M “peel and stick” tape on the back. Install is brutally simple – you clean the dash, the shift console, and each of the arm rests in your truck. Then, you stick it on. If you’re very careful, it will look like a factory option. The cost of the kit is $290 – and it’s available from your local Toyota dealer (maybe even for a discount off that price). Here’s another view of the kit: