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Toyota Tundra Aftermarket Shock Options

The Toyota Tundra, like most trucks, has a fairly large number of after market replacement shock absorber options. In addition to the standard KYB shocks that are available on almost every vehicle ever built, the primary after market shock brands that cater to the Tundra are Rancho, Skyjacker, Tuff Country, Fabtech, and Pro-Comp. We’ve put together a quick roundup of the shock products offered by these five companies.

Ask Unichip: Towing, Racing and Gas Mileage

In our last Q & A post with Jack from Unichip, the ECU tuning specialists, he offered us some very interesting opinions on how engine modifications interact with air intakes and exhaust systems.  In this post, Jack blows open some of the myths that have accumulated around the idea that chip tuning can save money at the gas pump, as well as how the ECU’s engine management affects specific driving activities like towing or drag racing.

Ask Unichip: Exhaust Systems, Air Intakes, and Custom Tunes

In this second part of our Q & A with Jack from Unichip (read part one), one the automotive aftermarket’s premier chip tuners, we dive a little deeper into the often confusing interaction between performance accessories and engine computers, and how these interactions affect a performance chip’s programming.

Unichip custom tuning air intakes exhaust systems

How does Unichip customize engine tuning for air intakes and exhaust systems?

In other words, if you want to learn a little bit about how air intakes and exhaust systems impact your truck’s computer system, read up.

Ask Doug Thorley – Short vs. Long Tube Headers

We have been having an email conversation with Jamie Joyce, who manages Automotive R & D for Doug Thorley headers. In our previous post we got some interesting background information on the differences between Doug Thorley headers and a stock Toyota Tundra exhaust manifold. This time, we’ll get a chance to hear some of Jamie’s answers regarding the thorny issue of short tube headers versus long tube headers in the pickup truck world.

Short tube headers vs. long tube headers

We started out by mentioning to Jamie that both the short and long tube header options offered by Doug Thorley appeared to offer a similar increase in low-end torque, with only a slight advantage going to the long tube units. This seemed to go against the conventional wisdom in the truck performance world that short tube headers can actually rob an engine of low rpm torque, especially in comparison to stock manifold designs.

Jamie told us that historically,

Ask Doug Thorley – Headers, Flow and Power Gains Over Stock

Doug Thorley is a respected name in the headers business, having honed its reputation over 50 years as a brand that can be counted on for excellent quality, factory fit and durability. In addition to building after market headers for a wide range of vehicles – including the Toyota Tundra – Doug Thorley Headers has also served as an OEM manufacturer for Suzuki of America, Honda’s AMA superbike race team, Kawasaki of America and even TRD, amongst others.

We interviewed Jamie Joyce, the Automotive R & D Manager for Doug Thorley Headers, last week in order to ask some questions about general questions about headers, and specifically how they can help improve the Tundra’s performance.