Toyota Faux Burl Wood Dash Kit For The Tundra – Vote

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Toyota’s faux burl wood dash applique might just dress-up the interior of your Tundra or 2008+ Sequoia – if you’re into the wood grain look, that is.

A Tundra with a faux burl wood grain dash kit

A Tundra with a faux burl wood grain dash kit

The kit is basically four to six pieces of plastic trim (depending on cab), and each trim piece has genuine 3M “peel and stick” tape on the back. Install is brutally simple – you clean the dash, the shift console, and each of the arm rests in your truck. Then, you stick it on. If you’re very careful, it will look like a factory option. The cost of the kit is $290 – and it’s available from your local Toyota dealer (maybe even for a discount off that price). Here’s another view of the kit:

A Toyota Sequoia with burl wood grain dash kit

A Toyota Sequoia with burl wood grain dash kit

For those who don’t know (which included the author until a few minutes ago), “burl” wood is wood that comes from tree burls, which are abnormal growths on trees often caused by environmental trauma to the tree itself (usually insect damage). Burls, which are sort of like tumors for trees, usually grow underground and are therefore difficult to find. In fact, burls are particularly rare for some tree species, which makes some species of burl wood very valuable.

Genuine burl wood is highly prized because of the complex patterns and knotting often found in the grain – artists, furniture makers, and sculptors like to use burl because it looks very different from normal wood grain. Toyota’s faux burl wood, compared alongside some real maple burl, doesn’t look too bad.

Fake burl wood dash vs real maple burl wood grain

Fake burl wood dash vs real maple burl wood grain

Some more specs on Toyota’s faux Burl Wood Grain Dash Kit:

  • Each piece is precision formed and CNC-machined for guaranteed fit
  • The high-gloss finish exceeds Toyota’s standards for UV protection and resistance to fade
  • Available for most models of the Tundra, but not all (check with dealer before ordering)

Voting on Wood Grain

Over the years, I’ve found sentiments on wood grain to be very mixed. Some people think it adds a nice touch, while others think it looks very fake. So, I decided it might be fun to put it to a vote:

Feel free to leave your comments about this kit below.

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  1. mk says:

    no thanks, more cheap plastic with fake wood grain. It is a truck for god sakes, not an imitation luxury cadillac. I’d spend the 250-300 bucks on an accessory that actually does something useful.

  2. Frenchy says:

    REALLY!!! are you kidding me????
    “Just say no to the faux.”

  3. TXTee says:

    It’s one of the next “to-do’s” on my list of mods. I definitely want a kit but going with Sherwood instead.

  4. Rich says:

    Depends on the rest of the interior. I think it looks OK with leather uphostery but I can’t see it with cloth. I have to agree with MK, there’s many other things I would buy for my Tundra first.

  5. Matt says:

    I think a carbon fiber dash kit might look good, but I am nowhere near dropping 300 bucks for it.

  6. mk says:

    About the only interior that I can stomach with this fake woodgrain interior is in the pic with brown leather. But, leather seating and brown interior is not my style. Never owned a vehicle with leather interior (but my first car in the 70’s and lovely vinyl seats – how fun?) and brown interior – yuck.

  7. J. D. says:

    What are we voting on? What flammable fluid to douse them in before burning?

    Just kidding

    Plain ole lighter fluid will work just fine.


  8. Jason says:

    LOL – I’m always amazed at the response that wood grain gets. The only vehicle I’ve every really, really liked it in was a Jaguar XK I had the pleasure of driving once. Very, very nice interior. Too bad the car drove like a Taurus…

  9. MJB says:

    J.D. Are you talking about the Flux or the truck? LOL The flux has done nothing but
    perform as stated the truck on the other hand different story.

  10. Mickey says:

    That wood interior would look good on the Rock Warrior edition. Other than that I can’t see it. I prefer I think it’s called carbon fiber graphics. I could go for that on my grey dash and interior.

  11. Jon says:

    I was wondering who made the kit shown for the Sequia. I need the identical kit to finish off a customers tundra dash. He has a Limited with wood grain handles and shifter and would like the dash and shifter console pieces to finish it off.

  12. Jason says:

    Jon – It’s a Toyota accessory – you can buy it at your local dealer or from some of the dealers listed on our links page: http://www.tundraheadquarters......-links.php

  13. i need the wood grain kit for 2010 tundra limited crewmax handles and shifter and would like the dash console pieces to customs finish it off

  14. I have been asked how to paint a faux burled wood. I personally think it’s too busy and it does look too fake in the car where you know it’s not real. Maybe if it was just a narrow strip like the one in my Toyota Solare, but to use it for the main part of the dash….ugly. But to each his own..or it’s own…however that saying goes….lol

  15. glen says:

    Who want’s that woodgrain treatment. That sea of cheap gray plastic dashboard is just so much better. Really? I’ll go for the wood.

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