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New Automaker Problem – Lack of Rail-cars

Automakers have been reporting large sales increases over the past few months, turning over inventory at a much faster rate than last year. This has created a new problem, a bottleneck of new cars waiting for specially built rail-cars to ship them to dealerships. This means you might just be waiting on a rail-car for your next pickup.

Automaker Problem - Lack of Rail-cars

Automakers are dealing with a new problem, a lack of rail-cars used to ship vehicles to dealerships.

Ford’s Escape Problems

Ford is currently dealing with several problems related to its new Escape as well as past versions. This is not good news for the automaker and its trademark SUV that it needs to compete with other automakers.

Ford's Escape Problems

The 2013 Ford Escape has been on the market for a month and already has been recalled twice.

Ford’s New Technology – Good or Bad?

Are you done driving your car? Really, really done? Ready for a future without having to worry about driving, instead leaving that task to a robot. Ford plans for that day soon.

Ford's New Technology - Good or Bad?

Ford is developing new traffic jam assist technology aimed at reducing driver stress while having the side benefit of improving transportation.

Study Finds EV Battery’s Price Drops 70% by 2025

Good news for automakers and consumers hoping that Electric Vehicles can be a solution to our future energy needs. A study by consulting firm McKinsey  says a cheaper price is on the horizon.

Study - EV Battery's Price Drops

While this is an uncommon sight now, it could be very normal in 10-15 years.

Changes to Ram HDs Cummins Diesel?

Rumors are circulating that the next generation Cummins turbo-diesel will move toward a less-expensive, industry-standard technology. This change will remove a competitive edge that certain Ram HD pickups enjoy.

Changes to Cummins Diesel?

Rumors are swirling about the next generation Cummins diesel and how it will impact Ram HD pickup sales.