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Driving Around an Unrepaired Recalled Rental Car – Safe?

It seems that rental car companies don’t like having their cars recalled by manufactures. They don’t like it so much that quite often, they don’t have the repair completed. Quite literally, millions of Americans drive around rental cars that have recalls affected them each year. A new law might just force rental companies to suck it up and get it fixed.

Unrepaired Recalled Rental Car

Next time you rent a car, go ahead and ask them if they have addressed all the recalls? If you believe manufactures, chances are they haven't.

Third Group of 2012 100 Cars for Good Winners Announced

Toyota recently announced the third group of winners in the 2012 100 Cars for Good program. The national philanthropic program aims to give away 100 cars to charities in need.

Toyota Announces 2012 Cars for Good Winners

The third set of winners of Toyota's 100 Cars for Good were recently announced.

Toyota Back on Top

Toyota recently released their first-half of 2012 results and they have regained the top spot as the world’s largest automaker once again surpassing General Motors. While this news is impressive, it comes at no surprise.

Toyota Back on Top

Toyota has recently announced its sales figures for the first-half of 2012 and it has reclaimed the mantel of largest automaker in the world.

Turbo-Diesel Preview for Toyota Tundra?

Toyota will begin shipping a new cab-over-engine Class 5 Hino work truck to select U.S. markets sometime in the third quarter. While that isn’t so exciting, the turbo-diesel electric-hybrid powertrain developed for this truck is creating quite a stir for Toyota Tundra fans. This powertrain could be adapted to be an option for future Tundras.

Turbo-Diesel Toyota Tundra?

Speculation is growing that a new turbo-diesel engine powering the Hino could be adapted for a Toyota Tundra.

How To Make a Helicopter From Your Used Toyota

When a car finally out lives its usefulness in the U.S., it is shipped off to the junk yard to be used for scrap metal. But, what else could we do with it? How about building a helicopter from the parts? This is exactly what one Nigerian man has done.

Make a Helicopter From Your Toyota

A Nigerian man used left over car and motorbike parts to build a helicopter.