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Benjamin Hunting is a freelance automotive writer who has been involved in racing, restoring and writing about cars and trucks for more than a decade. In his spare time he enjoys keeping the shiny side up on track days. You can find out more about Benjamin’s writing at his website,

DynoMax 39471 Exhaust System for the Toyota Tundra – A Review

Adding a performance exhaust to your Toyota Tundra is a simple way to not only grab a bit more horsepower but also improve the sound of your vehicle – especially if you own a V8 model. The lure of the eight-cylinder rumble is a powerful one, which means that there are many different cat-back exhaust systems available from the aftermarket. We decided to install a DynoMax system on our Tundra project truck so that we could evaluate both the benefits and the downsides of opening up your pipes.

Belltech Lowering Kit for the Toyota Tundra – A Review

When it came time to choose a suspension kit for our project Toyota Tundra, we knew that there was only one direction we wanted to go: down. To achieve a more dramatic look for our pickup we decided to install a Belltech Axle Flip Kit in combination with Belltech adjustable front struts and Street Performance shocks out back – a setup that Belltech positions as a complete lowering solution for the full-size Toyota truck.

2 Crave Toyota Tundra at SEMA

UPDATE: With the 2013 SEMA show coming in just a few short weeks, we thought we would rerun some of posts showing the cool trucks that have been there over the years. This year’s show runs from Nov. 5-8.

2 Crave is an aftermarket wheels company that made a splash at this year’s SEMA show thanks in part to the spectacular looking 2010 Toyota Tundra that took up some serious room in its display area.  2 Crave offers a full line of high end rims for a startling number of automobiles, but its has also branched out to offer wheels to the off-road crowd and this was the theme behind the 2 Crave SEMA Tundra.

2 Crave Toyota Tundra at SEMA.

Featured – Crushing for the Cure Monster Truck

UPDATE: October is breast cancer awareness month. We decided to rerun this post as a reminder to everyone!

Pink monster trucks aren’t a typical feature of the professional car crushing circuit – but then again, teams like Crushing for the Cure are far from the standard crew of nitro-methane enthusiasts.  As the name might suggest, the people behind Crushing for the Cure are dedicated to spreading awareness about breast cancer and to raising funds to help combat this terrible disease.

Kathy Willis and TNT.

Crushing for the Cure is the result of the passion that driver Kathy Willis and husband Ged Barcroft have for both 4×4 action and social conscience. Natives of Alberta, Canada, Kathy got behind the wheel of her truck TNT for the first time in 2005, becoming Canada’s only female monster truck driver. TNT is a Ford F550 that runs a 429 Super Cobra Jet that has been bored out to 493 cubic inches and fitted with an 871 blower. The injected methanol setup puts out roughly 1,400 horsepower, which runs through a modified C6 transmission that turns 66-inch Firestone tires. Coombs shocks give the truck 20 inches of front travel and 26 inches of travel at the rear, which is more than enough to devour stacks of junk cars at monster truck events around North America. Ged also runs a truck called Sheer Insanity when the team’s schedule permits.

K&N Q&A – Bert Heck Answers Our Questions About Oil Filters

Tundra oil filter 5.7 4.6

Is the OEM filter for the Tundra the best option? How can someone know?

At we field a lot of questions – both in the comments section and via email – about oil filters.  We decided to collect the most often-repeated inquiries together and talk to someone who knows the business inside and out to get some answers.  That someone is Bert Heck, Performance Kit Manager at K&N Filters who took the time to provide us with his perspective regarding the intricacies of oil filtration.

Filter Flow Rate vs. Filtration Ability

The very first question we asked Bert had to do with the perennial debate concerning flow rate versus filtration.  Simply put, is it better to have a high flowing filter that runs the risk of not catching as much particulate matter as possible, or does an engine benefit from a more rigorous filtration system that doesn’t flow quite as well?

Heck’s response spoke from K&N’s experience in the high performance oil filter world