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Benjamin Hunting is a freelance automotive writer who has been involved in racing, restoring and writing about cars and trucks for more than a decade. In his spare time he enjoys keeping the shiny side up on track days. You can find out more about Benjamin’s writing at his website,

Understanding Weight Distributing Hitch Systems

Anyone who has ever spent any time towing is familiar with the scary sensation of trailer sway. Trailer sway occurs when the load that you are pulling behind your truck begins to move from side to side of its own accord, eventually creating a pendulum-like effect where the trailer oscillates from one side of the lane to the other. Getting a swaying trailer back under control involves creative steering and braking inputs and nerves of steel, and it’s a situation that most towers strive to avoid at all costs.

Weight distributing hitch system.

Understanding MetoKote E-Coating for the Toyota Tundra

Corrosion is a concern for any owner of the Toyota Tundra who happens to live in the Rust Belt – that grouping of states in which heavy winter salt use combined with prolonged exposure to moisture can make a mess of steel body panels, frames and suspension components. One of the technologies that is used to fight against encroaching rust is electrocoating or e-coating, a process which while prevalent is not always prominent in the minds of truck owners.

The Performance Accessories Premium Body Lift Kit for the Toyota Tundra

Toyota Tundra owners are faced with a huge number of options when it comes to adding a lift kit to their truck. What a lot of Tundra fans quickly realize is that some lift kits are a lot more involved than others in terms of the modifications that are required to the vehicle’s suspension system.  Aggressive lift kits have their place in the Tundra world, especially amongst drivers who need to negotiate difficult off-road conditions on a regular basis, but what about those who simply want to add a set of bigger wheels and tires without dramatically altering how their pickup drives?

Performance Accessories Premium Lift Kit

The Perfomance Accessories lift installed.

End of the Manual Era for Full-Size Trucks

The era of the shift-it-yourself full-size pickup seems to have come to an end. There was once a time when trucks of all sizes included a manual transmission option almost by default, with all of the domestic and Japanese manufacturers providing gearboxes ranging from tow-focused units with granny-low first gears all the way up to five-speed overdrive trannies. Try to use an online configurator to build a similar type of half-ton pickup today and you’ll find yourself completely out of luck.

End of Manual Full-Size Trucks Era

This dusty-looking old photo of a manual transmission full-size truck maybe the only reminder that stick shifts used to be commonplace in trucks.

The Sprint Booster – What Is It, How Does It Work?

Electronic performance-enhancing products for the Toyota Tundra – or indeed, any pickup – are nothing new. In fact, we’ve discussed several of them in the past right here on this blog, including the Unichip ECU tuning system. Occasionally, however, we run across a device that makes such a novel claim that it occupies its own, unique product niche, which is exactly the situation with the Sprint Booster.

Sprint Booster Basics

The Sprint Booster - Does It Work?

What comes in the Sprint Booster box.