2 Crave Toyota Tundra at SEMA

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UPDATE: With the 2013 SEMA show coming in just a few short weeks, we thought we would rerun some of posts showing the cool trucks that have been there over the years. This year’s show runs from Nov. 5-8.

2 Crave is an aftermarket wheels company that made a splash at this year’s SEMA show thanks in part to the spectacular looking 2010 Toyota Tundra that took up some serious room in its display area.  2 Crave offers a full line of high end rims for a startling number of automobiles, but its has also branched out to offer wheels to the off-road crowd and this was the theme behind the 2 Crave SEMA Tundra.

2 Crave Toyota Tundra at SEMA.

2 Crave Toyota’s NX1 rims, seen from the rear.

The 2 Crave Tundra was naturally wearing a set of NX-1 2Crave 20-inch rims.  Offering a 10-inch width, the black-finished rollers were wearing 38 x 15.50 tires featuring an aggressive, knobby tread pattern.

2 Crave Tundra provides formidable ground clearance thanks to its 12-inch lift.

The 2 Crave Tundra’s snazzy rims were set off by a 12-inch lift provided by a Bulletproof kit, matched with externally-reservoir Fox shock absorbers and Atlas leaf springs.  Also drawing the eye was the all-over body graphics package, contrasted in black against the white of the Tundra’s paint.  The words 2CRAVE.COM and EXTREME, along with the 2 Crave logo were branded across the vehicle like so many tire treads.  A pyramid of rim boxes decorated the Tundra’s cargo compartment.

Fox shocks and Bulletproof lift kit installed.

More of the 2 Crave Tundra’s suspension details.

Inside the truck, the Tundra’s audio system had been enhanced by way of a Pioneer setup that featured a 2,000 watt amp, two 10-inch kickers and amp steps.  In addition to the NX-1 rims, 2 Crave also offers NX-2 and NX-4 models finished in black or chrome and coming in sizes ranging from 16×8-inches all the way up to 20×9-inches.

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We also saw this truck and the 2nd annual TundraStop truck meetup – here are some more photos:

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  1. Mickey says:

    Not bad at all. I’m not into 4×4 and lift’s but it does have a eye catcher set up. The Pioneer set up is also a very good one. Rims and tires look very good also.

  2. Jason (Admin) says:

    Mickey – I hear the 4×4 comment, but I think it’s exactly what they were shooting for – a big, showy pickup that draws attention. Mission accomplished! 🙂

  3. Mickey says:

    The funny thing is I don’t care for white, but this one is an eye catcher.

  4. TXTee says:

    Nice looking truck but the wheel offset is way too ridiculous.

  5. Fan says:

    What offset is that

  6. LJC says:

    Nice looking truck.
    But I don’t get the money spent on a lift and tires. Off road the extra clearance and larger tires will help some, but without lockers, that truck remains “all show, lots of dough and no go”.

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