Belltech Lowering Kit for the Toyota Tundra – A Review

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When it came time to choose a suspension kit for our project Toyota Tundra, we knew that there was only one direction we wanted to go: down. To achieve a more dramatic look for our pickup we decided to install a Belltech Axle Flip Kit in combination with Belltech adjustable front struts and Street Performance shocks out back – a setup that Belltech positions as a complete lowering solution for the full-size Toyota truck.


We’re not going to lie: installing suspension upgrades is something that the team at Tundra Headquarters always leaves up to the pros. The instructions that came with the Belltech parts were more than complete, and covered the basics of removing the stock suspension parts and replacing them with the new shocks and struts. For the most part, instructions were geared towards the shade-tree mechanic, as they listed the tools required and offered detailed photographs for almost every step along the way.

The one exception was the axle flip kit, which requires relocating the rear axle on top of the leaf spring pack from its stock position of just below. Belltech recommends that only experienced mechanics attempt to do this on their own. We feel that a dedicated wrencher could install the Belltech suspension components over the course of a single Saturday, but having access to specialized air tools and a lift makes the entire process that much easier.


In a word: wow. With the Belltech suspension giving our Tundra close to two-inch drop, handling was so dramatically improved over the stock setup that it left us wondering why Toyota doesn’t build them with a similar ride height at the factory. We still had plenty of wheel clearance after the drop, but the pickup displayed much less roll through the corners and provided us with a confident ride at speed. It was also a lot easier to get in and out of the truck and load it up with cargo due to its more accessible stance.

The first few days after installing the shocks, struts and flip kit we noticed that the truck felt like it was riding over rough pavement no matter where we chose to drive it. After what we assume was the “break-in” period was over, however, things softened up quite nicely. Anyone driving the truck could immediately tell that it was riding on a stiffer suspension system than what came from the factory, but the bone-jarring character that was evident immediately after installation had disappeared.

Wrapping Things Up

If you can’t tell by now, we really liked the Belltech lowering kit that we installed on our project Tundra. The truck looks great, drives like its on rails and although we went with a professional installation a dedicated amateur could probably get the job done in their own garage. We enjoyed our Tundra’s buttoned-down ride so much that we are considering launching a letter-writing campaign to get the company to offer full-size truck buyers a factory-built lowered street cruising model like Tacoma buyers have been able to enjoy for years several years. Toyota seems to be the only truck brand to have yet to jump onto the slammed full-size bandwagon, and it’s about time that the automaker took some lessons from Belltech and gave us a lowered pickup that still offers the towing and hauling that we’re used to from the Tundra.

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