Tim Love Tundra at SEMA 2014

2014 SEMA Tundra by Tim Love

SEMA 2014 is here and Las Vegas is in for another week of incredibly modified vehicles. Throughout the masses of car owners are celebrities who like to show off their appreciation for a custom built car. This year, celebrity chef, Tim Love, and his build team at Divine 1 Customs cooked up tasteful 2014 Toyota Tundra for this year’s show. Read more…

Toyota Tundra Paint Code Guide

Toyota Tundra Paint

It seems like every year, auto manufacturers release new, attractive paint colors and names to add to their pallet of factory finishes. Although the new colors may improve the vehicle’s aesthetics, they sure don’t make it any easier to try and match them when it comes time to touch-up your truck’s exterior.

If you are having trouble matching up to your Toyota Tundra’s paint color, do not worry, just utilize this simple reference guide and you’ll be well on your way. Read more…

Fiat-Chrysler, Ram Trucks Recent Quality Concerns Onslaught

Chrysler and Ram Trucks are currently facing an onslaught of negative news surrounding quality and recall concerns. If you haven’t been following along, here is a quick recap.

Fiat-Chrysler, Ram Trucks Recent Quality Concerns Onslaught

This has been a week to forget at Fiat-Chrysler.

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Consumer Reports Reliability Rankings – Fiat-Chrysler Can’t Catch A Break

Admittedly, I’m not a Chrysler fan. The worst vehicle I ever owned was a Dodge Dakota, and that single vehicle turned me from a Dodge fan to a giant critic of the Chrysler product…but it isn’t really my personal experience with a Dodge Dakota that’s made me a Chrysler critic.

I’m a believer in facts and hard data, and the hard data on Chrysler (now Fiat-Chrylser) reliability has been consistently bad. Yesterday, Consumer Reports came out with their rankings and guess what: the Chrysler family (Ram, Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler, and Fiat) did very poorly. Read more…

Toyota Promotes Baja Race Trucks, Directly Challenges Raptor?

Toyota seems to be finally getting pretty serious about promoting their off-road legacy, Ivan Stewart and the TRD Pro. With a Baja race team established and a large booth at the upcoming 2014 SEMA show, Toyota is directly challenging the Ford Raptor’s dominance in the segment. It is about time.

Toyota Promotes Baja Race Trucks, Directly Challenges Raptor?

Toyota held an event in LA to promote their Baja race trucks and upcoming 2014 SEMA show booth. Pictured is Baja team captain and mentor Ivan Stewart. Photo Courtesy of Pickuptrucks.com

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