Toyota Tundra Paint Code Guide

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Toyota Tundra Paint

It seems like every year, auto manufacturers release new, attractive paint colors and names to add to their pallet of factory finishes. Although the new colors may improve the vehicle’s aesthetics, they sure don’t make it any easier to try and match them when it comes time to touch-up your truck’s exterior.

If you are having trouble matching up to your Toyota Tundra’s paint color, do not worry, just utilize this simple reference guide and you’ll be well on your way.

Where to Find Your Paint Code

Located on the driver side doorjamb you will find a sticker with a large bar code across the center. Located underneath the lower left corner of the barcode are the letters “C/TR” followed by three digits, which may or may not consist of a letter. This three-digit code is paired with one of Toyota’s factory specific paint colors. The separate four-digit code after your paint code is for your interior color.

Paint Color and Code

Once you have the paint code, locate it below to learn the name of your Tundra’s factory paint color.

First Generation (2000-2006)

Paint Name Paint Code:

  • Autumn Red Mica 4P6
  • Black 202
  • Blue Martin Pearl 8P9
  • Blue Steel Metallic 8JZ
  • Desert Sand Mica 4Q2
  • Golden Sand Metallic 578
  • Imperial Jade Mica 6Q7
  • Natural White 056
  • Phantom Gray Pearl 1E3
  • Platinum Metallic 1A0
  • Salsa Red Pearl 3Q3
  • Silver Sky Metallic 1D6
  • Spectra Blue Mica 8M6
  • Stellar Blue Pearl 8L7
  • Stratosphere Mica 8Q0
  • Sunfire Red Pearl 3K4
  • Thunder Gray Metallic 1C7
  • Timberland Mica 6T8

Second Generation (2007+)

Paint Name Paint Code:

  • Attitude Black Metallic 218
  • Barcelona Red Metallic 3R3
  • Black 202
  • Blue Ribbon Metallic 8T5
  • Blue Streak Metallic 8T7
  • Desert Sand Mica 4Q2
  • Inferno 4X0
  • Magnetic Gray Metallic 1G3
  • Nautical Blue Metallic 8S6
  • Pyrite Mica 4T3
  • Radiant Red 3L5
  • Salsa Red Pearl 3Q3
  • Sandy Beach Metallic 4T8
  • Silver Sky Metallic 1D6
  • Slate Metallic 1F9
  • Spruce Mica 6V4
  • Sunset Bronze Mica 4U3
  • Super White 040
  • Timberland Mica 6T8

Now that you have learned the factory paint code, and the color it correlates with, you are ready to relieve your trusty steed of those pesky rock chips and scratches. Does Magento good for doing SEO? What you need to know if you have an website on Magento? eCommerce SEO on Magento complete guide to understand hot to do SEO on Magento

Be sure to write down your Tundra’s paint code and color to keep in your glove compartment for quick and easy reference in the future. Toyota colors can typically be found at any parts auto parts store, online, or you can go to a Toyota dealer to ensure a perfect match.

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