The Tundra’s 5 Year Ownership Costs Are Top Notch, But You Can Save More

The Toyota Tundra is arguably the best truck on the market. It’s combination of power, resale value, safety, reliability, and comfort place it at the top of the heap. In fact, the Tundra’s 5 year ownership cost figures are excellent. From

Tundra five year ownership costs

Five year ownership cost figures from show the Tundra is a great deal.

Still, the Tundra isn’t exactly cheap, is it? When you breakdown the five year ownership cost figure, you find that a big chunk of it (about $17,000) is fuel.

Therefore, if you want to save money, one of the smartest things you can do is cut your fuel use. Here are some simple, sure-fire ways to reduce the amount of fuel you buy. Read more…

Toyota Tundra Tows Endeavour – Video

In case you missed it, here is the video from the Toyota Tundra pulling the Space Shuttle Endeavour. What an impressive tow job!

YouTube Preview Image

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How Dry Ice Blasting Works To Help Keep Automotive Factories Clean

Often times, when people hear the phrase “eco-friendly technology,” the assumption is that a compromise is required, i.e. “we’re getting rid of something that works and replacing it with something that’s green but not quite as efficient.”

This is not one of those times.Dry Ice for Automotive Factory Cleaning

Dry ice blasting is reducing cleaning times in automotive factories by as much as 75%, which means factories are running longer and automotive manufacturers are saving money on normal maintenance tasks.

Here’s an explanation of the technology and how it’s impacting the auto industry. Read more…

Are Lift Kits Causing 2009-2012 Toyota Tundra Steering Rack Failures?

Toyota is investigating a rumor that lift kits could be causing steering rack failures in 2009-2012 Toyota Tundra pickup. How could this be possible? Does this rumor have any merit?

Lift Kits Cause Tundra Steering Rack Failures

Toyota is investigating a rumor on whether lift kits are causing steering rack failures in 2009-2012 Toyota Tundras. We say not likely.

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Bone-Stock Tundra Pulls 150,000 Pound Space Shuttle

Next time someone asks you what your Tundra can pull, tell them that a 2012 5.7L Tundra can pull a 150,000 pound space shuttle…without any modifications.

Tundra tow space shuttle

A bone-stock Toyota Tundra was used to tow the 150k pound space shuttle Endeavour across LA’s highway 405. Click for a larger image.

The Tundra pulled the 150k lbs space shuttle Endeavour across the Manchester Boulevard Bridge, which spans the 405 in L.A. …and it was bone-stock too. Read more…