Toyota Tundra Tows Endeavour – Video

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In case you missed it, here is the video from the Toyota Tundra pulling the Space Shuttle Endeavour. What an impressive tow job!

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While, the stock Toyota Tundra only pulled the shuttle for 300 yards or 4 minutes, it was still quite a feat for the “over built” truck. The tow though took it on a bridge over the busy 405 freeway and like most bridges it has a hump in the middle. The driver, professional stunt driver Matt McBride told that it was pretty easy job for the Tundra.

“The only point I felt the Tundra had to work a little harder was going back up the hill on the far side of the bridge. It was pulling pretty hard,” McBride said.

Adding to the cool factor was that astronaut Garrett Reisman rode in the passenger seat. Reisman was taken to the  International Space Shuttle in Endeavour and would spend 95 days in space.

With all the planning that went into this towing job and add in the fact it was garnering national media attention, the actual tow was a big gamble for Toyota. What would happen if it blew up in their faces and the Tundra failed to tow the 150k beast. The gamble though seems to be worth it because now the Toyota Tundra has the ultimate towing bragging rights!

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  1. Dennis Neri says:

    Very nice!! I always knew this truck could do it. I am really sure all the Engineers and Techs knew it too. That’s why I will only own a Tundra I am on my 2nd one now and absolutely love my 2012 TRD.

    Toyota is and always will be NUMBER 1

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