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Bone-Stock Tundra Pulls 150,000 Pound Space Shuttle

Next time someone asks you what your Tundra can pull, tell them that a 2012 5.7L Tundra can pull a 150,000 pound space shuttle…without any modifications.

Tundra tow space shuttle

A bone-stock Toyota Tundra was used to tow the 150k pound space shuttle Endeavour across LA’s highway 405. Click for a larger image.

The Tundra pulled the 150k lbs space shuttle Endeavour across the¬†Manchester Boulevard Bridge, which spans the 405 in L.A. …and it was bone-stock too.

Custom Toyota Tundra – Joe Miller

Crazy sound system, 7″ BDS Lift, custom paint, Rockstarr wheels, this Toyota Tundra has it all. Joe Miller did a fantastic job of creating a one-of-a-kind truck. It definitely grabs your attention.

Joe Miller Custom Toyota Tundra

What a beautiful Toyota Tundra with a scenic view. This custom truck is just plain cool.

Toyota Tundra Goes Fishing – 2012 SEMA Show Preview

The 2012 SEMA show in Las Vegas, NV will feature several heavily,.modified trucks and this year’s October show is no different.¬†One of these trucks will be Bassmaster Elite Series pro angler Britt Myers’ Toyota Tundra CrewMax. Called the “Ultimate Fishing Tundra,” it is sure to be a catch.

Toyota Tundra  2012 SEMA Show Preview

Professional angler Britt Myers is building the “Ultimate Fishing Tundra” that will be on display at the 2012 SEMA show in Las Vegas, NV. It will take the idea of the Tundra as a fisherman’s truck to the max.

Xtreme Lowz Toyota Tundra – Tattoo Paint Job, TV in Dash

While many use full-size trucks for such practical things like towing, hauling and being a work truck. There is always another way to use such trucks like making a low-rider out of it. Yep, a low-riding Tundra with a Tacoma Bed. Don’t believe us? Check out the video.

YouTube Preview Image

An Amphibious Toyota Tundra With Mattracks and A Float System – For Real

Some of the most interesting custom pickups are often put together by search and rescue organizations, as these groups prize absolute reliability and functionality above almost all else. Search and rescue trucks, like the Amfibia Toyota Tundra, are also typically outfitted with special technology that helps them to adapt to the rough and rugged environments that they are asked to operate in.

It takes more than a little water to slow down the Amfibia Tundra.

Land and Sea

The Amfibia Toyota Tundra was put together by Polish outfitter in partnership with the Gdynia Maritime Academy, AMZ Kutno, the Automotive Industry Institute and SPRINT SA in response to a project request from the National Center for Research and Development. Their mission: to create a ‘mobile command system’ capable of performing surveillance and reconnaissance while also serving as an operational communications center. The catch: the vehicle needs to be able to operate on all foreseeable forms of terrain as well as open water.