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Falken Tire Toyota Tundra – Big Blue

This year’s SEMA show was crawling with interesting items. We got some great video and interviews, did some quick demonstrations of a variety of parts, and of course we found a lot of cool Tundras.

That's a Kawasaki KX250F and a Kawasaki KX450F in the back.

Falken Tires Big Blue Toyota Tundra

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However, this 2011 5.7 Tundra 4×4 from Falken Tire is the only Tundra we saw with a genuine solid front axle. Check it out:

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Marshall Motoarts Sand Car

Playing in the sand with your truck can be a lot of fun, but it also carries with it quite a few risks. Primarily, jumping dunes and dodging pits can put a lot of strain on your vehicle, especially since stock pickups were never designed to take that kind of pounding abuse on their suspension and frame. This is why so many off-road enthusiasts opt for smaller scale entertainment in the form of a utility-terrain vehicle.

Some of the more interesting UTV options on the market come from the mind of Christopher “MARSHALL” Burke of Marshall Motoart. Located in Ogden, Utah, Burke has been building UTV’s for years. UTV’s are vehicles which started out in life as standard work or task-based vehicles but which evolved through customization to fill a sportier role in their owner’s life. UTV’s typically allow for side-by-side seating, unlike a smaller ATV, and they are also larger and more capable than their entry-level cousins.

Marshall Motoarts Sand Car

The Marshall Motoart Sand Car in its natural element.

In addition to basing UTV designs on existing models, Burke also comes up with completely custom creations for individual customers.

Interview with Sportsman Tundra Creator

I was lucky enough to bump into ‘Moose,’ one of the guys that helped design and create the Sportsman Edition Tundra at the 2010 SEMA show, and he was willing to do a quick camera interview for Check it out:

YouTube Preview Image

Some interesting trivia about the truck:

Tundra Sportsman: The Ultimate Deer Killer

Toyota has done and excellent job creating a custom Tundra for this year’s SEMA show. Unlike years past, this is both an interesting concept AND an interesting demonstration piece.

Tundra Sportsman Edition

The ultimate hunting machine, built by Toyota and Bass Pro Shops fro the 2010 SEMA show (click to see a larger image)

Some of the more interesting and outrageous features are:

Rob’s RBP CrewMax

RBP Tundra Crew cab

Rob's 2010 Tundra Crewmax could be a show truck for RBP

When you find a company that identifies your truck and personality, you’ve got to jump on board. Rob has created a magnificent Tundra that could be a show truck for RBP (Rolling Big Power), a premium truck accessory manufacturer. Check it out: