Rob’s RBP CrewMax

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RBP Tundra Crew cab

Rob's 2010 Tundra Crewmax could be a show truck for RBP

When you find a company that identifies your truck and personality, you’ve got to jump on board. Rob has created a magnificent Tundra that could be a show truck for RBP (Rolling Big Power), a premium truck accessory manufacturer. Check it out:

2010 Toyota Tundra crewcab

Rob's truck started out as a regular old crewmax Tundra

This 2010 Tundra Crewmax TRD Sr5 5.7 4×4 was bought bone stock at Joe Machens Toyota, a dealership Rob wanted mentioned because of the help the offered. Rob also wanted us to mention Cris Payne, owner of, and Rich Bravo, owner of – both of these guys delivered with no problems.

Side view of RBP Tundra Crew

Compared to the 'before' picture above, this looks like a completely different pickup

NEW – Video showing Rob’s truck:

YouTube Preview Image

Rob’s Mods

RBP accessories - wheels, step bars, exhaust tips, and more

RBP accessories - wheels, step bars, exhaust tips, and more

  • RBP RX black grille with rivets and custom installed LED lights
Black RBP Tundra Grille with custom LED lights

Black RBP Tundra Grille with LEDs

Tonneau cover with RBP decal

That decal is embedded in a line-x coating atop the tonneau

  • ATC Platinum Edition Solid Locking Tonneau cover w/LINE-X exterior coating and embedded RBP “Rolling Big Power” decal
  • Debadged exterior w/RBP TUNDRA side decals
  • Lund AVS in-channel window visors
  • Tint – Front windows 20%  and windshield 8″ brow strip at 5%
Custom RBP Tundra engine cover

Custom painted engine covers are awesome, aren't they?

  • Custom painted RBP engine cover

Rob offered a very nice quote about the social network too, Tundra Network:

I owe alot of my success to TundraNetwork, since it was here that I was able to get in touch with the right people that made this happen and at the price I needed! I could’ve pieced it together by myself, but it made it a lot easier having people here to talk with, reviews to read, and small business owners that are actual Tundra owners, whose trucks are equipped with what they’re selling…I’m proud to be a member of this site, and tell anyone with a Tundra that this is the place to go….period.

Rob, thanks for the compliments about TundraNetwork, and thanks for letting us feature your truck!

Rob with his RBP Tundra

Rob with his RBP Tundra

Are you a member of TundraNetwork? If not, maybe you should join…

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  1. TXTee says:

    Awesome rig and glad to see Rob’s progressions over time. Thanks for making it a Featured Truck!

  2. Chris says:

    Great looking truck Rob!

  3. mk says:

    Not fond of white, but truck looks tough – good job.

  4. Jason says:

    TXTee – For sure – Rob’s truck is just cool.

    I’m always looking for trucks to feature, so if you know anyone like Rob that has a cool truck that hasn’t been featured yet, tell them to contact me! 🙂

  5. Mickey says:

    Very Nice CM. Definitely it sticks out. Way to go Rob.

  6. jason dixon says:

    i have the 2011 tundra t force if you have not seen it go to youtube and look it up its bad ass from factory

  7. Jason (Admin) says:

    jason – I want to write one up – can you send us pics?

  8. Mr Rico says:

    I own an F-150 and don’t really care for the Tundras too much (matter of personal preference of course). I have to say though, Rob’s Tundra is one of, if not the best looking truck I have thus far seen (of any make). Outstanding job, a true looker. Stumbled acros the pictures on Google when shopping wheels.

  9. Jason (Admin) says:

    Mr Rico – Cool! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Sonny says:

    Very nice, very nice, very nice…!!! I leave in Canada, Québec and I want modified my Tundra like you! I can…!!!!

    You have 6″ pro comp, rbp 93r 20 x 10 with 35 x 12.5 x 20, Bushwacker pocket fender flares…! Can you tel me your wheel offset please???


  11. Rob Eckhart says:

    Sonny – The wheel offset is -12mm, although -25mm is an available option for the RBP 93R 20×10. The -25mm offset will cause the wheels to stick out further past the wheel wells and could possibly cause the tires to rub on full steering lock, unless you replace the front bumper with an aftermarket Fab Fours or Road Armor style which have more clearance. For the kit I have I’m happy with the -12mm offset. Check this link for more details.;plID=1808

    • Jason says:

      Hey Rob, sharp looking truck. I’m lookin at getting those same wheels myself but trying to decide whether to go with 18 or 20″. Do you have any idea about tire sizes that might work with a 3″ lift without having to do any mods to the truck.

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