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The Ultimate Motocross Accessory

The next time you go to a motocross race, check the parking lot for this truck:

2007 Tundra Crew motocross lift kit

The ultimate motocross accessory - a blacked out 2007 Tundra crew with a 6" lift and 37" tires

If you see it, than Dan is probably racing nearby. It’s a 2007 Tundra Crew with a long list of extras:

This Is One On Point 2008 Tundra

Kansas gets a bad rap. People joke about the flat land, wheat fields, and the Kansas City Royals, but we’re guessing these people don’t know about the world-class bird hunting in Kansas, not to mention Kansas City Barbecue. If you live in Kansas and you enjoy bird-hunting, you need five things:

TunDrop 2008 Tundra – Doing The Truck Show Circuit

Most of our featured Tundras are street rides with some custom extras. Lately, however, we’ve been featuring Tundras that are more show trucks than street rides. Mark (aka LowRiderMan) has an 08′ Tundra Double Cab that is most definitely a show truck. When it comes to shows, there’s not much importance on “function” per se – the mods are for show.

Check it out – and enjoy the craftsmanship and creativity. This isn’t so much a truck as it is an artwork.

We present TunDrop - a 2008 Tundra Doublecab show truck

We present TunDrop - a 2008 Tundra Doublecab show truck

Franky’s DOC – A Supercharged 2007 Toyota Tundra RCSB

There are many, many awesome Tundras on the road. One of them, a 2007 Regular Cab Short Box (RCSB) Tundra,  is owned by Franky. In addition to having a cool nickname (Franky calls his Tundra “Doc”), this Tundra also has the big motor, a supercharger, and a ton of extras.

Here's "Doc" - a Supercharged 2007 Toyota Tundra RSCB

Here's "Doc" - a Supercharged 2007 Toyota Tundra RCSB. Be sure to note the smoked headlight lenses.

As you can see, the Doctor is “in.” This thing is suhweet. Here’s the low-down:

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The 444 on an Amazing Show-Quality Tundra

Happy Labor Day! Since we’re out and about enjoying our weekend, we’re going to skip our normal attempt at a newsworthy blog post and serve you up some eye-candy instead – 444’s 2007 Double Cab Tundra. Enjoy!

Question: What’s 88″ tall, black, and weighs 5,000 pounds?

444's 2007 Tundra Limited Double Cab with HID fog lights ON

444's 2007 Tundra Limited Double Cab with HID fog lights ON

Answer: 444’s Tundra.

This show-quality Tundra has enough electronics to satisfy any member of the Geek Squad, and the truck just oozes over-the-top, in-your-face personality…kind of like a cross between a Dodge Viper, Lil’ Kim, and a sledgehammer (or something like that).

Here’s more info about the truck.